Amazingly, Luke Kennard scored seven points in the final 10 seconds

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Luke Kennard scored seven points in the final 10 seconds, matching Reggie.Miller’s 8.9 seconds 8 minutes, McGrady’s 35.13 seconds, big heart players, the more pressure, the higher the shooting rate.1996-06-24 Draft: 2017 Experience: 4 years before joining NBA: 1996-06-24##NBA All-star ##NBA## Clippers ## Los Angeles Clippers ## Kennard scores 7 points in 9 seconds # Clippers ## Wizards # Kennard catches a pass on the sidelineTaking a shot three or four steps from the three-point line is about as close as Curry and Lillard can get.Hit, three points behind, the wizards ball, as a result, the wizards have to give the opportunity, to serve a five-second violation, ball back the clippers, the clippers without pause, backcourt error line-out, wizards to the frontcourt, wizards after two players on the pick-and-roll hesitate, don’t know if it is double or relief, at this moment, kerner DE led the defense, crooked body three-point shots hit,Also drew a foul, a nice 3-and-1, and then hit a free throw for a 116-115 lead.The Clippers pulled off the second-best comeback in the NBA since the introduction of play-by-play (1996-97), trailing only the jazz’s 36-point comeback win over the Nuggets in 1996.They also became the first team in 25 seasons to complete three 24-point or more comebacks in a single season.Anything is possible.Wizards missed a 3-pointer and hit a 3-and-1 free throw