Exercise is a lifetime thing. It can’t be rushed

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A balanced diet, proper exercise and regular work and rest are the basis of modern health concepts.This is the way things always go: there is no immediate goal, and if there is, it is not a goal.A balanced diet is the scientific expression of eating well and eating right.Moderate exercise is a reminder of the decreasing physical activity since the industrial Revolution.Regular work and rest is a euphemism for never staying up late or getting up late.In the whole growth cycle of living things, physiology has different characteristics at different stages, especially in animal groups.As human beings, the long of all spirits, these characteristics are refined clearly and orderly, and the law of life is clear and direct.Health, as the most prominent external characteristic of life quality, is gradually being further interpreted with the progress of science and technology.Different from diet and rest, these two are the basis of human survival, is a physiological need, in this health of the three foundations, moderate exercise is a special existence.After all, compared with eating and sleeping, exercise is a relatively new concept and one of the most significant achievements in modern health research. Its relationship with life can be expressed as: exercise is not a necessity for survival, but a catalyst for the improvement of life quality.China’s modern society attaches great importance to sports, when originated from the humiliation of being “sick man of East Asia” era.The promotion of sports represented by national art has become one of the important ways to change the fate of the country.With the vigorous development of sports in New China, sports has become one of the powerful representatives of the country.The rising and playing of national flags and national anthems in various international competitions and the realization of sports power make those foreign organizations and individuals with dark minds have to release their growing feelings of jealousy and fear through all kinds of tricks and lies.With the emergence of the new goal of healthy China, the value of sports has been constantly explored outside the stadium. In the vigorous national fitness boom, sports are working together with other factors to build a healthy life of the people.Just because exercise is a new concept, in the traditional health awareness infiltrated by the traditional health culture, the information related to exercise is shockingly less than the basic diet and work schedule.Apart from the well-known exercise and health proverb, “Walk a hundred steps after dinner, ninety-nine activities,” there are very few words about exercise in our ancient cultural books.Perhaps is the individual traditional knowledge is weak, still hope broad reader criticism helps to improve.As I mentioned earlier, there are different physiological stages and physiological states of organisms, and there are different degrees of fitness for the cornerstones of health.For the life cycle of the human body, we simply divide it into three stages: young, mature and old.In these three stages, the relationship between physiological state and health foundation can be basically summarized as follows: the physiological foundation needs to be laid in infancy, the physiological peak needs to be prolonged in adulthood, and the physiological regression needs to be delayed in old age.Starting from this concept, balanced diet, moderate exercise, regular work and rest have different manifestations.Among them, work and rest is relatively simple, time is the most intuitive measurement standard;Diet is more complex, the number and variety as two basic indicators, the actual use of complex;Movement, on the other hand, seems simple but complicated: the measures of mode, intensity and time are the universal laws of all things.Health is a lifelong thing, and exercise is naturally a lifelong habit.However, due to the competitive characteristics of sports that have been around for a long time, current sports are falling into a trap: petabyte measurement.Whether it is the ultimate weapon of primary and secondary school sports: physical examination, or the development of mass sports: events, all point to the most intuitive effect of sports performance.However, the diversity of sports methods, the complexity of competition rules and the brutality of competing for deer all obscure the concept that sports is the way to achieve health, and competition is not the goal of health.The champion just represents the best of a specific motor skill in a specific group of people within a specific time limit.Motor skills must be constantly improved, which is the result of various records being constantly rewritten;Sports skills are restricted by the rules of the game, and can not reflect the real ultimate ability of the human body;Motor skills are mostly the embodiment of a physical ability of the human body, and this ability is only a component or embodiment of health;The perfection of motor skills is the “patent” of a few people, and the vast majority of people need their own progress rather than the perfection.The achievement of sports needs accumulation, and the realization of sports health needs persistence.The peak maintenance of sports performance is like “blade walking”, and the realization of sports health has a long “shelf life”.Live till old, move till old, is the true meaning of sport!Compared with children who have time without consciousness, retaliatory exercise in adulthood is now a major feature of physical exercise.The “enthusiasts” of various sports events are the realism of this feature.Especially some of cardiopulmonary function, musculoskeletal ability to demand higher sports, all kinds of accidents emerge in endlessly, which is a body, but is more terrible, exercise habit of many people with various conditions and had to interrupt or even abandoned, investigate its reason, is a cognitive unclear: sports is a lifetime thing, what’s the rush?Rational planning, comprehensive setting, patient realization and clear awareness are what lifelong exercise requires.Don’t forget that the Olympic Games, the world’s top multi-sport, used to be all about higher, faster and stronger, not the highest, fastest and strongest.