“Listen to your mother.” “Loyalty and filial piety are difficult to achieve…”On New Year’s Eve, their mother instructed the four du Fuguo siblings

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Eldest brother is regarded as a role model by the whole society as a “hero soldier of mine clearance”, “model of The Times” and “Moving China 2018 Person of the Year”;The second sister was the “National Advanced Individual against COVID-19”, who was on the front line of the fight against the epidemic in Hubei at the critical moment of epidemic prevention and control, and is now rooted at the grassroots level of rural revitalization.The third brother is the backbone of the medical and health industry.Four younger brother a military uniform guard border……In Meitan, Zunyi, all the villagers were proud of the four siblings, Du Fuguo, Du Fujia, Du Fumin and Du Fuqiang.Such a “glorious family”, not inculcate parents since childhood.This New Year’s Eve 2022 is different.Fuqiang, who had not been at home for the Spring Festival for six years, came back, and the four siblings got together to spend the Spring Festival with their parents.What is more special is that this day happens to be the birthday of Li Helan, the mother of the four siblings.The New Year’s Eve dinner is the warmest and most affectionate ceremony for Chinese people all year round.A family around the table to bring the sense of bustling, the air filled with laughter, is the most familiar happiness in the depths of memory.The Du family had been preparing for the New Year’s Eve dinner since 8 am, boiling sausages and steaming preserved pork for hot pot.Relatives also trickled into the house.Du Fujia’s braised pork ribs with radish have inherited the skills of his mother, Li Helan.Du Fumin and Du Fuqiang are busy serving food, surrounded by a sausage – led “starter”.Delicious really too much, cold dishes and hot dishes in a dozen bowls together a person overwhelmed.With the sound of reunion firecrackers sounded, the happy New Year’s Eve dinner began.The family sat around the table, hiss a cold ask a warm, said the most or the previous “dragon front”.More indispensable is brother and sister together, to mother said “happy birthday”.Looking at their children around, Li Helan was pleased, but also remembered the children when they were young.”Our husband and wife have a strong personality and strict requirements for the children from childhood. We should let them know how to stand on their own feet as soon as possible.”In Li Helan’s mind, independence and self-improvement is the most important character of children, and also the most gratified place for parents.”When adults are busy, they are never idle. They do whatever they can and suffer a lot of grievances.””When I was young, my family did a lot of farm work.Mother every day after busy also told us to study, very hard.But also, let us learn a lot from study to life, which laid a foundation for our growth and independence.”Du Fujia said with a smile that his body and skin were like this when he was tired and hungry. “But along the way, our parents’ supervision and encouragement to the four of us are the strongest strength to support our efforts and progress.”Sitting beside their parents, the four siblings sent red envelopes representing their wishes and wishes, hoping that mom and dad can not worry so much, take good care of their health, and the four siblings will spend more time with each other and enjoy more good time.Watching her children grow up and get married one by one, Li Helan firmly supports her children to make their own way.”Children have to grow up and have their own careers and hobbies. We should support them no matter what. We should not hold them back.””Loyalty and filial piety cannot have both.”Taking a glass of wine in her hand, the simple mother said to her children, “I hope you can be conscientious and conscientious in your posts and do your job well.””I am so happy and blessed to have you!”Guizhou daily day eye news reporter cold Sai Nan editor Zhang Ting editor Li Jie