World Wetlands Day: Cherish the Harmony between Wetland people and Nature

2022-08-07 0 By

Today marks the 26th World Wetlands Day, with the theme “Harmony between Wetland People and Nature”.The city’s natural resources and Planning Bureau has organized the 26th World Wetlands Day campaign.At the event site, the staff and volunteers publicized the international Wetland Convention and other laws, regulations and policies by hanging banners, distributing brochures and wetland protection proposals, popularizing wetland knowledge, calling on the general public to actively participate in wetland protection and consciously maintain wetland biodiversity.Wang Peng, deputy director of Forest Technology Center of Xuzhou Natural Resources and Planning Bureau: The main purpose of this activity is to further publicize the upcoming “Wetland Protection Law” and the significance of wetland protection, and advocate the general public to understand, cherish and protect wetlands.In recent years, the Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning has actively practiced the concept of “lucid waters and lush mountains are gold and silver mountains”, and carried out the restoration and treatment of degraded wetlands in Luoma Lake, Jiawang Longyin Lake, Tongshan Xiaoyanhe and other areas in Xinyi, covering an area of 120 hectares, in combination with the work of returning wei to the lake, river governance and ecological restoration.Five small and micro wetlands, including Huaiyuan near Suining Lake and Pizhou Shouxian Village, were selected to carry out restoration pilot construction, covering an area of 10 hectares. Up to now, the city has built 4 national wetland parks and 4 provincial wetland parks, 2 wetland nature reserves, 7 drinking water source reserves and 80 wetland protection communities.Xu Shi Rong media reporter Wang Jia Jia Zhang Junhui editor Qi Beining