Chongqing plans to build 3,200 kilometers of “four good rural roads” this year

2022-08-08 0 By

2022 will be a key year for Chongqing to build a strong transportation city. It will invest 13 billion yuan to promote rural revitalization, provide tertiary roads for 25 towns and villages and hardened roads for 1,000 villager groups, and promote the high-quality development of ordinary roads in the city.This is on February 15, chongqing Daily reporter learned from the 2022 municipal highway work conference.According to the Road Network Planning of County and township roads in Chongqing (2021-2035), the city will increase the construction of county and township roads, gradually solve the problems of county and township roads and other external roads, unpaved roads and other problems, and improve the identification and signage, pile number transmission, annual report update and other related ancillary work.This year, the city will focus on the “four good rural roads” to promote the implementation of key projects of ordinary roads.The 13 billion yuan will be used to build 4,000 kilometers of general roads and 4,000 kilometers of security projects.The government plans to build 3,200 kilometers of “four good rural roads,” make every effort to promote road construction projects to bring people from villages to households, solve the “last kilometer” problem in rural areas, and increase the coverage of rural roads.We will make every effort to improve the governance capacity of rural roads. The city will steadily promote the pilot reform of the management and maintenance system of rural roads in Yongchuan, Shizhu, Wulong and Fengjie, and promote the establishment of a long-term mechanism for checking and evaluating the technical conditions of rural roads. The three-level “road chief system” of county, township and village will be fully implemented, and continue to play a typical demonstration and leading role.Highway, baiye xing.This year, the city will also focus on trunk highways, speed up the upgrading of trunk highways and promote the development of industries along the routes.In 2022, the city’s trunk highways will focus on connecting important hubs, tourist attractions and common trunk highways with large traffic volume. 600 kilometers of common trunk highways will be implemented and 300 kilometers will be reconstructed to further improve the network of common trunk highways.At the same time, we will promote the integrated development of “service plus”, encourage service zones where conditions permit to adapt to local conditions, develop high-quality service zones integrating transport and tourism, and launch the “service facilities plus rural revitalization” campaign.Renovating dilapidated Bridges and preventing and controlling disasters will be carried out in an orderly manner.100 dilapidated Bridges were rebuilt and 20 local disasters were remedied.We will complete the survey of disaster-bearing bodies of highways, put forward proposals for disaster prevention and control of ordinary national and provincial trunk highways, and guide highway disaster control.