What do you think of the rule that teachers should dress appropriately and not wear fancy clothes in class?

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What do you think of the regulation that “teachers should dress appropriately and not wear fancy clothes in class”?As the messenger of spreading civilization, teachers are the basic requirements of teachers’ professional ethics.Teachers’ clothes are under the students’ eyes and naturally affect the students.Article 5 of the Code of Professional Ethics for Primary and Secondary School Teachers, issued by the Ministry of Education, has provisions on how to be a teacher: dress appropriately, use standard language and behave in a civilized manner.I think the establishment of this regulation is quite necessary.With the development of society, people’s dress concept has undergone earth-shaking changes, and they are tired of the uniform way of dressing.A person has the right to choose what to wear, but teachers should dress appropriately in front of students because of their professional characteristics.If teachers wear strange clothes, it will undoubtedly impact students’ dressing concepts.”If you are not straight, how can you be right”, teachers’ words and deeds are influencing students imperceptively.Therefore, it is reasonable and necessary for the Ministry of Education to require teachers to dress appropriately and not to wear fancy clothes.Of course, dressing well doesn’t have to be the same.Teachers can have their own style of dress, which is understandable, but should also be “avoid dirty, avoid dew, avoid transparent, avoid short, avoid tight, avoid different”.Only in this way can students set a good example and form correct dressing concepts and aesthetic standards.My answer is over!Thank you very much!