The Market Supervision Bureau of Guigang City, Guangxi Province, has been working hard on epidemic prevention and control in the field of market supervision

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In order to fully implement the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, the Market Supervision Bureau of Guigang City, Guangxi Province, has further strengthened the current epidemic prevention and control work and adopted a number of measures to grasp the prevention and control work.We will strengthen supervision over cold-chain food, and build a network for epidemic prevention and control of imported cold-chain food.We will carry out whole-chain, whole-link and whole-factor inspection of imported cold-chain food in the city to strictly prevent and control the transmission risk of novel coronavirus transmission through imported cold-chain food.Continue to promote the application of the food traceability management platform of “Bagui Cold Chain Pass”. At present, more than 600 cold storage enterprises in the city have all been included in the traceability management platform for supervision, and realize the digital closed-loop management of imported cold chain food, and the whole chain can be traced.Strengthened supervision and law enforcement, urged producers and operators to strictly implement the main responsibility for epidemic prevention and control of imported cold-chain food, and handled one case on the spot.Up to now, the city’s market supervision system has dispatched more than 3,300 law enforcement personnel, fully covering the inspection of 34 cold chain food production links, 503 business links, 67 catering links, a total of 1368 times the investigation of cold storage operation subjects, 78 hidden dangers, 78 rectification completed, rectification rate reached 100%.We will promote “smart supervision” and strengthen the role of pharmacies as sentinel points for epidemic prevention and control.Fully operational “BaGui pharmacy regulation system” wisdom, to a pharmacy to implement “trigger type regulation”, establish the early warning wisdom more triggering mechanism, to acquire jurisdiction pharmacy sales cough, fever, antiviral and antimicrobial “four” drug registration and report the situation, give full play to the epidemic prevention and control of retail pharmacies monitoring sentinel effect, strengthen early warning ability.So far this year, 55 pieces of information on major risks have been successfully detected, such as health codes showing red or yellow, and drug buyers with a history of contact with people returning from abroad or people in high-risk areas.At the same time, strengthen the supervision of drug stores to take epidemic prevention and control measures, targeted investigation.Up to now, a total of 21 pharmacies have been investigated, among which 10 have been ordered to suspend business for rectification and 11 have been warned, further promoting the implementation and standardization of epidemic prevention and control monitoring work.We will continue to implement the “ten strict measures” for epidemic prevention and control in farmers’ markets.Supervise the market opening party implement catch fine wholesale market, a farmers’ market epidemic prevention and control of the “three” (food security administrator, inspectors and cleaning temperature disinfection member), “111” (a day, cleaning, disinfection, on Monday January ikkyu city), “five” (early detection, early reporting, early quarantine and early diagnosis, early treatment) and effective prevention and control measures, such as strictly the market entrance,Implement the system of wearing masks, lighting health codes and measuring body temperature, implement personal protective measures for staff and sellers, establish and improve health monitoring registration ledger, organize staff to actively vaccinate, strengthen environmental hygiene and cleaning and disinfection, supervise and urge cleaning and disinfection records, and maintain good ventilation in the venue.Up to now, more than 600 farmers’ markets have been inspected.We will strengthen efforts to ensure supply and price stability and maintain good market order.We will step up oversight and inspection of the prices of epidemic prevention supplies, daily necessities and other key commodities for people’s livelihood, investigate and punish illegal activities such as hoarding and price gouging in accordance with the law, and resolutely maintain order in the market prices of commodities for people’s livelihood.Up to now, the city has sent more than 1000 law enforcement personnel (times), strengthen the price administrative law enforcement inspection.Inspection of farmers’ markets, supermarkets, restaurants, pharmacies, medical institutions more than 3000 times, issued all kinds of price warning books, more than 3000 copies of publicity materials.At the same time, we actively handled consumer price complaints and safeguarded the rights and interests of consumers.Since the beginning of this year, the city’s market supervision system has given full play to the role of the consumer protection platform 12315, accepting more than 60 consumer complaints and consultations related to prices, with a processing rate of 100% and responding to consumers’ demands in a timely manner.Supervision and inspection should be strengthened to fully consolidate the responsibilities of all parties involved in epidemic prevention and control.The agency set up five teams, to the city’s five counties (city, area) epidemic prevention and control work to carry out the supervision market supervision field, normalized cold-chain food production enterprises in shenzhen city, the farmer’s market, epidemic prevention and control work in the field of pharmacy, and other key market regulation on the supervision inspection, find the weak link in prevention and control of, the inspection found that the typical problems, timely report the rectification, eliminate hidden dangers.Up to now, the bureau dispatched supervisors 150 times, supervision and inspection of cold chain food business units, farmers’ markets, pharmacies and other production and operation of more than 700 households.(Wei Huiling, Market Supervision Bureau of Guigang, Guangxi)