The Ministry of Education: deepen the reform of examination evaluation and accelerate the promotion of the unified proposition at the provincial level

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On February 15, the Ministry of Education held the first press conference of the 2022 “New Year of Education” to introduce the key tasks of basic education this year and the results of the upcoming spring semester. Lv Yugang, director of the Department of Basic Education of the Ministry of Education announced:”Thanks to the joint efforts of all schools, the implementation of ‘double reduction’ in 2021 autumn semester has got off to a good start, made steady progress and achieved obvious results.”How’s the “double minus” report card for 2021?According to Lv yugang, the total duration of homework has been effectively controlled, homework management systems have been established and homework design has been improved. The number of students who complete written homework within the specified time has increased from 46% before the “double reduction” to more than 90%.After-school services have been fully covered, and the attractiveness and effectiveness of after-school service programs have been significantly improved. The proportion of students who volunteered to participate in after-school services increased from 49.1% at the end of last spring semester to 92.2% at the end of autumn semester.The school has established basic teaching procedures, strengthened school-based teaching and research, implemented the “zero-point” teaching system and the system of helping students with learning difficulties. The vast majority of teachers have participated in counseling and answering questions, and the quality of teaching has been constantly improved.Teachers pay more attention to quality-oriented education and promote the all-round development of students. Parents gradually establish the “health first” parenting philosophy and pay more attention to the physical and mental health of their children.A survey by the National Bureau of Statistics showed that 73 percent of parents said it took their children less time to complete written homework and 85.4 percent said they were satisfied with after-school services.”In 2022, we will further strengthen the role of schools as the main front of education, continue to make the implementation of the ‘double reduction’ as the top priority of school work, and continue to consolidate and improve the level of the ‘double reduction’ work.”Lv Yugang said, one is to improve the level of homework design, pay attention to “adjust the structure, improve the quality”;Second, the level of after-school services should be improved. Focusing on “improving the level and strengthening the guarantee”, local schools and counties should be urged to implement after-school service funds, and teachers’ enthusiasm for participating in after-school services should be effectively protected.Third, improve the level of classroom teaching;Fourth, raise the level of balanced development.Lyu Yugang, director of the Department of Basic Education under the Ministry of Education, outlined key tasks for basic education in 2022.First, we will implement the Opinions on Establishing the Responsibility System for Principals of Primary and Secondary Schools under the Leadership of Party Organizations (Trial).We encouraged local governments to conscientiously study and implement the spirit of the document, carried out intensive demonstration training for Party organization secretaries, and actively and steadily implemented the “one school, one plan” policy.We will develop supporting documents such as lists of key tasks for party building in primary and secondary schools and models of rules of procedure, and strive to improve school leadership systems and mechanisms.Second, we will implement the 14th Five-Year Plan action Plan for the Development and Improvement of Preschool Education.We will guide provinces to formulate implementation plans, forecast the demand for kindergarten enrollment, improve the layout planning of inclusive kindergartens by county, improve the guarantee mechanism for inclusive pre-school education, further promote the integration of science between children and children, and further improve the quality of universal access to inclusive water and scientific education.Third, we will implement the “14th Five-Year plan” action Plan for the Development and Upgrading of ordinary high schools in counties.To guide provinces in formulating implementation plans, implementing standardization construction projects and trusteeship and assistance projects in counties;Strictly implement the policy of local enrollment and “the same enrollment for citizens” in ordinary senior high schools, and standardize the enrollment order of ordinary senior high schools;We will fully implement new curricula and textbooks for senior high schools, and promote the diversified and distinctive development of senior high schools.Fourth, we will implement the 14th Five-Year Plan of Action for improving the Development of Special Education.We will guide provinces in formulating implementation plans to promote the expansion and integrated development of special education, continue to do a good job in the enrollment of disabled children in compulsory education, and speed up the extension of special education to pre-school education and senior high school education.We will promote the integration of general education, vocational education, medical rehabilitation, and information technology with special education to improve the quality of special education.”All localities and schools should make full use of the valuable educational resources of the Winter Olympics, earnestly do a good job in the education of students at the beginning of the semester, and stimulate the patriotism of students.”Lu Yugang, director of the Basic education Department of the Ministry of Education, said when introducing the requirements for the opening of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in 2022.Term begins namely, Ministry of Education suggests: it is to formulate teaching plan seriously.The spring semester teaching plan should be formulated strictly in accordance with the curriculum standard to ensure the normal and orderly teaching work after the beginning of the semester.Carefully analyze each student last semester learning situation, students with learning difficulties, actively do a good job of counselling and answering questions;Further improve after-school service implementation plan, enrich after-school service content, better meet the diversified learning needs of students.Second, actively carry out home-school communication.After the school begins, a special parents’ meeting will be held to comprehensively introduce the results of the school’s “double reduction” work last autumn semester, especially the quality assurance of education and teaching, actively listen to parents’ opinions and suggestions on further “double reduction” work this semester, and effectively strengthen the synergy of home-school collaboration to do “double reduction” work.Third, we will do our best in student work.The school should have a comprehensive understanding of students’ physical and mental conditions, and do a good job of education, guidance and care for students.We will improve the reporting system for students’ mental health status and strengthen mental health education.We will carry out a thorough survey of the situation of students returning to school. For those who do not return to school, we will do a good job in persuading them to return to school in accordance with the regulations on preventing dropouts and ensuring school safety.We will work hard to prevent and control the epidemic in schools, strengthen safety management of students, and carry out various forms of safety education to ensure that schools are safe, stable and orderly.”Innovation and breakthrough is a key task in 2022,” said Lv Yugang, director of the Basic education Department of the Ministry of Education on deepening the comprehensive reform of basic education.It is necessary to deepen the reform of examination evaluation, accelerate the promotion of provincial unified propositions for the high school entrance examination, further strengthen the research of propositions for the high school entrance examination under the background of ‘double reduction’, effectively improve the quality of propositions, ensure that the propositions are based on the standard, the difficulty is appropriate, and the teaching and examination connection.”Lv yugang said that this year the Ministry of Education will hold a special meeting to promote the exam questions, the focus is to further improve the quality of the exam questions.We will promote the implementation of the guidelines for evaluating the quality of education in kindergartens, compulsory education and regular senior high schools, and give full play to the guiding role of quality evaluation.”Last year, we made great efforts to study and plan the quality evaluation of basic education. We will fully implement the three guidelines, give full play to their guiding role, and build a scientific evaluation system that promotes quality-oriented education.”Lv yugang said.In addition, lyu yugang introduced that basic education should make breakthroughs in strengthening ideological and political courses in primary and secondary schools in 2022.To develop suggestions on further strengthening the construction of ideological and political courses in primary and secondary schools, and focus on improving the professional level of ideological and political teachers.We should make breakthroughs in promoting home-school cooperative education.Suggestions on the development and construction of home-school-cooperative education mechanism to create a good atmosphere for the implementation of “double reduction” and the improvement of education level.We should make breakthroughs in improving the application level of information technology.We will make breakthroughs in deepening comprehensive reform of basic education.Conscientiously summarize the results of the experimental area of comprehensive reform of basic education, and increase the publicity and promotion efforts;All localities and schools will be encouraged to establish a labor education checklist system to promote regular and effective labor education.In January this year, the General Office of the CPC Central Committee issued the Opinions on Establishing the Principal Responsibility System for The Leadership of Party Organizations in Primary and Secondary Schools (Trial) (hereinafter referred to as the Opinions), which has attracted great attention from the basic education system.Lu Yugang, director of the Department of Basic Education of the Ministry of Education, interprets the opinions.”The guidelines make important arrangements for giving full play to the leading role of party organizations in primary and secondary schools, supporting and guaranteeing principals’ exercise of their powers, establishing and improving the decision-making system, and improving the coordination mechanism,” Lv said.The Opinions clearly put forward that the party organizations of primary and secondary schools should lead the school work in an all-round way, and fulfill the leadership responsibilities of guiding the direction, managing the overall situation, making decisions, grasping the team, leading the team and ensuring implementation.The principal shall exercise his functions and powers according to laws and regulations under the leadership of the party organization of the school, and be fully responsible for the education, teaching and administrative management of the school in accordance with the relevant resolutions of the Party organization of the school, and put forward clear requirements for the important work system of the school, including the meeting of the Party organization of the school and the president’s office meeting.”Lv Yugang said, impels the primary and secondary schools to establish party leadership of the President responsibility system, is to carry out the spirit of general secretary of the important instructions, strengthen party leadership of comprehensive education work of an important measure, is to stay in the party education, training, for the country to carry out the khalid ents the inevitable requirement of fundamental task, and deepening the reform of basic education, important guarantee to improve the quality of basic education in an all-round way,”We have to put this document in place.”According to the introduction, the next step, the Ministry of Education will work with relevant central departments, conscientiously pay attention to the implementation of the Opinions, strengthen classified guidance, step by step implementation, to promote the steady implementation of the reform in place.First, we will focus on study and implementation.All schools should be encouraged to study and understand the important spirit of the document, carry out demonstration training of party organization secretaries in schools, and strengthen the publicity and interpretation of the document.Second, we strengthened work arrangements.Local governments should be guided to conscientiously formulate and implement the implementation plan of the Opinions, comprehensively understand the current situation of the construction of party organizations in primary and secondary schools, the staffing situation of party secretaries and principals, find out the basic numbers, establish task lists and work books, and actively and steadily promote the implementation of the “One school, one plan”.Third, we will improve supporting policies.We need to study and formulate supporting systems such as model texts of rules of procedure for primary and secondary schools and lists of key tasks for Party building, guide all localities and schools in improving rules of procedure in light of actual conditions, and focus on improving their internal operating mechanisms.Fourth, carry out follow-up guidance.In particular, we need to sum up the experience of pilot work at some local levels, strengthen work exchanges, sum up the results of experience, study and solve some new problems and situations in the implementation process, publicize a number of typical cases, and give full play to our exemplary and leading role.Audit: Yang Zhenrong, Editor: CAI Li source: China Education News, Lin Huanxin, Zhang Xin