Spring Festival to go shopping, friends in these places

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During the Spring Festival, the flow of people in xianyang’s major tourist attractions increases rapidly. Under the initiative of celebrating the Spring Festival in place, many citizens choose to travel around and enjoy the short holiday time with their relatives and friends.Today and tomorrow are the last two days of the Chinese New Year holiday.It is rainy and snowy in most areas of Xianyang, and the temperature drops obviously. The lowest temperature is minus 4 degrees Celsius. Many friends start to return for the Spring Festival, but some close friends will continue to take a turn in the surrounding scenic spots, and xiaoli will share with you their recent travel itinerary.A few days before the Spring Festival, the noon temperature is more comfortable, the xianyang Lake scenic area boating crowd is more, parents with children, the family is happy, laughter.Source: rural Chinese 马嵬驿 all shops in the scenic area are in full operation.Measures such as time-limit flow and off-peak tour were taken to control the number of tourists at 35,000 per day.Net red sky ladder is the first choice for many children to take photos and punch cards. In addition, the atmosphere of the Spring Festival in the scenic area is also strong.Photo source: Yuanjiacun, a grassy village by the bank of Zhengguo Canal, experiences guanzhong folk culture. Various traditional buildings, simple and natural layout along the street full of life atmosphere, of course, you can also taste the characteristic yuanjiacun food.Jiangyuan yuan is located in the northeast of Wugong Ancient City. It is located in qishui River, 80 kilometers away from Xianyang city. Jiangyuan yuan is a food street with many guanzhong snacks.Xianyang Fuyuan Lane live broadcast of Chinese New Year culture and Tourism integration activities will start on the third day of Chinese New Year. The activities will start at 11:30 every day and the live broadcast will continue until the 15th day of the first month.There are bridal sedan chair, embroiderea recruit husband, bonfire dance and other projects staged.During the Spring Festival, Zhengguoqu Scenic Spot introduced ticket reduction policies to jingyang tourists and medical staff from all over the country, attracting local tourists to go out of their homes and visit the nearby area.Friends, come and share your beautiful Spring Festival travel photos, click # Chinese New Year 7 Tianle # to participate.