The institution retires in February this year, increase salary last October, have profit to retirement?

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Employees of state organs and public institutions will retire in February this year.But was in last year October once increased salary, to deal with emeritus to have profit now?Strictly speaking, this last October just increased wages, for their own impact is not big, almost can be ignored.Because pension benefits are based on the conditions of your insurance, not directly on your salary.The social security contribution base of our government organs and public institutions is established strictly on the basis of their actual salaries.You change your social Security contribution base every year, because every year you change your salary base, plus every year.It’s going to change the average wage of the previous year, so the social security contribution base is going to change every year.You had a pay increase last October, so if you had a pay increase after the change in the social Security contribution base, it would have no effect, because the social Security contribution base can’t change anymore.If you say the increase in wages before the change in the social Security contribution base.There’s probably going to be a change in your social Security contribution base, which means it’s going to raise our average contribution index.But in just one year, the increase in the average contribution index was very limited.The impact on themselves is also very limited, because most people have been working for more than 20 years, or even more than 30 years.It is the average pay cost index of a year only, its influence is negligible, say to our own henceforth pension treatment does not have too direct influence so, do not have too big influence more.While we normally handle retirement, if you were engaged in the work of government organs and public institutions before September 2014.So before this, it is ok to hold according to inspect length of service with pay cost.The treatment that can have transitional sex annuities eventually, will not cause any effect to oneself henceforth annuities.If you did not join the work of the organs and public institutions until September 2014, then you are not regarded as the number of years of payment, and there is no transitional pension treatment.Before the fixed number of years, should be in the enterprise unit’s actual pay number of years shall prevail, to determine your final cumulative pay number of years.In the future oneself can obtain the annuities of how many money, on the one hand with your ginseng protect a condition to have direct concern, include your accumulative total capture expends fixed number of year, average capture expends index, still include us to inspect the length of fixed number of year that pay cost will decide.On the other hand, the staff of government institutions have all participated in occupational annuity.And the level of occupational annuity treatment depends on the balance of your occupational annuity personal account to decide, if your occupational annuity insurance contribution base is also relatively high, then finally, can obtain supplementary pension is also relatively high.Will tell strictly so, this salary that just increased in October last year, its influence to oneself henceforth annuities is very limited, it is ok to ignore almost.The level of our pension benefits is closely related to your insurance conditions over the past several decades.Want to hold you especially inspect capture expends fixed number of year.Go identifying your occupational annuity even, their accumulative total capture expends fixed number of year, just be the annuities treatment that affects you truly.Thank you for reading and talking about retirement knowledge every day. I focus on social security and retirement. If you like my article, you can add my attention.# how many people’s pension is their own full contribution ## How do you think the salary after retirement, will be more reasonable ## Do you think it is good to implement flexible retirement policy #