The linkage of village schools escorts the healthy growth of children

2022-08-11 0 By

Temperature changes fast, big temperature difference between day and night, spring is hand, foot and mouth disease, flu season, for effective prevention and control work, to ensure the healthy growth of children, recently, the markit county health committee in essential transcribing coolers township bargh eze village “to visit hui poly” residency teams will play their own professional advantage, in bargh eze village kindergarten conducted a health knowledge lecture.”Put out your little hands, boys and girls, and wash them together…”In the classroom of Bageairike village kindergarten, Maigeti County Health Commission in Gazi Kole township Bageairike village “Visit Hui Ju” team member Salamayti · ADili is using the way of good guidance, hand in hand to teach children the correct steps and details of the “seven-step washing technique”.This paper vividly describes the transmission channels, main symptoms and preventive measures of various infectious diseases such as influenza, chickenpox and measles.At the same time, the team also distributed masks to children and asked them to act as “little teachers” and explain to each other the correct way to wear masks, which not only enhanced the sense of experience, but also let children experience the meaning of health in fun.”Today, I learned the ‘seven-step washing technique’ and the proper way to wear a mask,” said Avaguri Yusupu, a kindergarten student at Bagaaizike Village, Gazikule Township, Maigai County. “When you put on a mask, you put white on the inside and blue on the outside and then you pinch it over your nose.In the future, we should wash our hands before meals to keep away from germs and viruses.”The lecture, not only make children better grasp the knowledge of health care, but also enhance the awareness of children’s self-care, guide them to develop a scientific, civilized, healthy way of life and behavior habits, to prevent diseases, to maintain health.We should pay equal attention to education, and take care of children first. To maintain children’s health cannot be done in a day, cannot be solved by one person, and cannot be solved by one party. The operation of village school linkage mode provides a strong guarantee for children’s health.Nurigu Maihemuti, first secretary of The Maigaiti County Health Commission in Bagaairike Village, Gazikule Township, and leader of the “Visit Huiju” team in the village, said, “Through this lecture, children’s health knowledge has been further improved.In the next step, we will continue to carry out health knowledge classes on campus to popularize knowledge of epidemic prevention and epidemic prevention to children, so as to escort their healthy growth.”(Written by Zhang Jilan, reporter of Maigate County Rong Media Center)