Zhengzhou High-tech Zone Fengyang office to carry out garbage classification training activities

2022-08-11 0 By

In order to further promote the development of garbage classification work in the community, enhance the understanding of the property staff on garbage classification.On April 6th, Fengyang office of Zhengzhou High-tech Zone, together with high-tech environmental protection technology, carried out special training on garbage classification in Xicheng district, and all property staff participated in the activity.At the meeting, the training lecturer explained in detail to the property management personnel the significance of garbage classification, household garbage classification, collection and disposal methods, “Henan Province Urban Household Garbage Classification Management Measures” related content.At the same time, combined with the actual situation of the community, the training lecturer gave a detailed explanation and explanation on the work of garbage classification timing and fixed point, the use of garbage classification boxes and rooms, and further enhanced the property’s understanding of garbage classification and sense of responsibility.Property management is the backbone of garbage classification in the community. In the next step, Fengyang Office will continue to promote garbage classification publicity and training, guide more property management to actively participate in garbage classification, actively do garbage classification advocates, propagandists and managers, and jointly promote garbage classification work.