Start working with a super powerful OFF-road vehicle called the Anco Flag lift

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Ben had a lot to say, but his hand was down on the keyboard and suddenly he didn’t know what to say.Now more and more people like to stay at home, do not want to go out to see the outside world, more and more people will say: there is time to go out tired, it is better to sleep at home comfortable.I don’t think so. People’s life is long and short. We should take time to go outside.The reason I bought Anco flag was simple: it was big enough for me to take my family out.Another is anti-build, we go to the countryside to open it also rest assured.Buick has a very good reputation. After all, it is a big brand and its sales are also very good.I first saw the Angko flag on the road, when its appearance deeply attracted me, I believe that most people should be like me, was shocked by its appearance.The exterior is very ambitious, the body is also large, some of the decoration is also very sophisticated.People in my hometown think a big car is expensive. Driving it home during the Spring Festival will surely attract the attention of the whole village, which is also a small reason why I choose it. After all, people also have vanity.I also want to change my car very much, so NOW I have a general understanding of this car on the Internet, and then WENT to the 4S shop for a detailed visit.It looks like WHAT I just said. It’s very aggressive. It’s very powerful.After all, this car is buick’s more expensive, so the exterior interior design is also more luxurious, drive out very face.I took it for a test drive and it was good, but the electronic gear was a bit awkward at first because I had always driven a manual.The start was light, the acceleration was fast, the car felt very smooth through the potholes, and the sound insulation was good, and overall I was very satisfied.In terms of price, the whole operation cost more than 400,000 yuan, less than 410,000 yuan.