Smart technology around hisense washing machine launched high-end washing, drying and care new products

2022-08-13 0 By

Recently, Hisense Washing Machine has launched a new product of Hisense Bright high-end washing, drying and care set. This product features AI fresh washing and care, and brings a new experience of intelligent washing and care to the majority of users with humanized black technology.Hisense washing machine redefines the wisdom of washing AI New washing, in a word to summarize is special clothes special care, soft degree.With it, when washing cashmere, down, silk and other clothes of different fabrics, we can use different washing modes for exclusive washing, and there is no need to worry about luxurious clothes being damaged.Moreover, the operation is also very easy, without manual complex control, put the clothes into the washing machine, its equipped with tens of millions of fabric data, that is, according to the characteristics of different fabrics, intelligent adjustment of steam concentration, temperature and drum speed, to achieve dust removal, sterilization, wrinkle removal and other cleaning effects, bring just the right delicate care.And daily washing and care life, users will also encounter such as water quality, clothing detergent effect is not good, after washing clothes become hard;Every time you use a washing machine, you have to repeat the selection of washing procedures, and because the air humidity is different, the dryer can not regulate itself, resulting in excessive drying and even clothing damage and other problems.However, these problems can be easily solved in front of hisense Bright · high-end washing, drying and nursing set.Its powerful AI intelligence, with the knowledge of heaven, earth, black science and technology.Knowledge of heaven, that is, automatically sense air humidity, automatically adjust the degree of drying, to ensure that clothes drying in place.Knowledge of the ground, that is, automatically sense the hardness of water, and adjust the amount of detergent and softener, to ensure the cleanliness of clothes.Recognize people, that is, grasp the user’s use habits, the first use of more than 6 times, again use without adjustment, one key can be adjusted to the common procedures, the elderly in the home can easily operate.Subscribe hisense Bright · high-end washing, drying and care set, enjoy multiple surprise technology, make life better, and this beautiful is also worth letting more people have.In order to let more families enjoy the wisdom and efficiency brought by Bright · high-end washing, drying and care set in advance, Hisense washing machine specially prepared multiple subscription gifts for you.From February 11th to March 15th, subscribe the new Hisense Bright · High-end washing, drying and care set, and enjoy five surprises.Users who buy Hisense Bright washing, drying and care set will get a hand-held wireless floor washer worth 3599 yuan and exclusive stacking stand worth 399 yuan as a bonus. Members can also enjoy 5 times bonus points.More 3 years of guaranteed repair, free maintenance, 1 hour response, 24 hours of service and 365 days of quality problems manufacturers promise to only change not repair and other assured security.Smart life, not to be missed, more benefits, please visit the country’s daxin washing machine counters, so that good at hand.