Update on COVID-19 in Sichuan Province (Released on February 3)

2022-08-14 0 By

From 0:00 to 24:00 on February 2, there were no new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Sichuan, 3 new cases recovered and discharged from hospital, no new suspected cases, and no new deaths.As of 24:00 on February 2, a total of 1,374 confirmed COVID-19 cases had been reported in The province, including 783 imported from abroad. A total of 1,338 cases had been cured and discharged from hospital, including 3 deaths. Currently, 33 cases are in isolation in hospitals, and 167 are still under medical observation.0 to 24 February 2nd, the province’s new asymptomatic infection in 2 cases (outside the input are flight on January 28, from Nigeria to rong for centralized quarantine, February 2, a diagnosis of asymptomatic infection), on the same day to 0 cases of confirmed cases, remove the concentration segregation medical observation 0 cases, is still in concentration segregation medical observation 25 cases, 2 cases more than the day before.(The specific information of asymptomatic infected persons depends on the city concerned.State & gt;As of 24:00 on February 2, all 183 counties (cities, districts) in the province are low-risk areas.Keep alert, take good precautions, wash hands frequently, do not gather in large numbers or gather in small numbers. If you have any symptoms of fever, cough or other discomfort, please go to the nearest fever clinic, checkpoint clinic or novel Coronavirus nucleic acid testing institution in time.