Zibo one adjustment for high risk area

2022-08-14 0 By

On March 15, the zibo city government posted notices, according to the relevant provisions of the zone spreading mechanism of the State Council, the comprehensive evaluation, zibo municipal party committee as a whole the epidemic prevention and control and the economic operation research work leading group office (headquarters), since March 15, 2022, 0, the northern suburb of zhoucun town big port village is divided into high risk area;Will is the communist youth league east road constant jre 55 tower, zichuan double Yang Town Yang village north suburb village, zhoucun town new town yue our jiangshan district the 20th floor, zhoucun district youth day garden street, zhoucun, tower 2, living quarters, south town, zhoucun, tower 2, small Fang Village yongan street lighthouse two CunDong one lane number 35, zhoucun silk road neighborhood offices aquatic dormitory building, zhoucun 1 of town of waterSecond village, No. 7 Building of Tianyu Xinyuan in Huantai County, No. 28 building of Lanxiangyuan community in Suozhen Street in Huantai County, and No. 2 building of Mengyi Village in Mengshui Town in Wenchang Lake District are designated as risk areas.(Dazhong Daily client reporter Wang Jiasheng report)