Deep evening report | help the old love the old show warmth, Longhua street New Year’s eve visit community elderly

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In order to warm and care to the area of the elderly heart, recently, Longhua District Longhua Street community Party committee wearing “red vests” have walked into the area of the elderly home, for them to take the thick “Flavor”, let the old people feel the joy of the New Year and the warmth of the “home”.Before the launch of the activity, the community party committee of the empty-nesters, the elderly and the elderly in difficulty in the area of the “dragnet” investigation, the family of the difficulties, what help they need to sort out and record one by one, to truly understand the actual needs of the elderly, for follow-up targeted care activities to lay a good foundation.In recent days, members of the community Party Committee have visited the elderly area, face to face to understand the recent living conditions of the elderly, physical conditions and problems and needs in daily life, told the need for help to timely contact the community staff, and for the elderly to send the Spring Festival gift bag and blessing bag.The scene of laughter, the elderly face showed a happy smile, they have said that the real feeling of the community party committee sent care and warmth.In addition, in order to make the old man happy in the New Year, community volunteers also went into the home of Uncle Qi, an old man who lived alone, to help the old man clean up the sundries, tidy the room, clean the house and post Spring Festival couplets.Uncle Qi was very happy to see his home clean and orderly and look brand-new. He thanked the volunteers again and again for their help.In Qinghu community, liu Auntie, a resident in a wheelchair, personally sent a thank-you letter to the hands of community volunteers to express her gratitude to the community for its care and sympathy.Next, longhua street communities will continue to maintain close contact with the elderly area, heart, with affection, force to solve the difficulties they encounter in life, let them feel the care and care of the Party organization.Shenzhen Evening News reporter Zeng Hong correspondent Xie Yuqing