“Jingchuan” Jingchuan Fengtai Town Xitou Wang Primary school to carry out fire safety emergency drill activities

2022-08-15 0 By

In order to improve the fire safety awareness of teachers and students, enhance the ability to deal with the fire self-help, master the method of extinguishing the initial fire.In line with the purpose of “safety first, prevention first”, On April 1, Jingchuan County Fengtai Town Xitouwang primary school carried out a fire safety emergency drill activities.At 2:50 PM, when the campus sounded the “fire” warning signal, all teachers quickly arrived at the designated post, organize students to evacuate quickly and orderly according to the designated route.During the evacuation process, teachers and students reacted quickly, acted quickly and evacuated in an orderly manner. In less than 4 minutes during the whole exercise, all teachers and students evacuated safely from the dangerous area to the school playground.Under the organization of Teacher Zhao, the correct use of fire extinguishers was demonstrated and explained, and a student representative from each class carried out the on-site “fire fighting” drill.This exercise is a very good safety education activities, that is to exercise students in special circumstances calm keen, rigorous and orderly psychological quality, but also improve the safety and fire awareness of teachers and students, better accumulated fire fighting experience, for the creation of a safe campus added a safety lock.