From tomorrow to buy domestic tickets to pay more for these groups free or halved levy

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Starting from April 5, the fuel surcharge for domestic flights will be raised to 100 yuan per person for each flight segment.Today, the reporter learned that many airlines, including China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines and Hainan Airlines, have decided to adjust the fuel surcharge standard for domestic passenger tickets starting from April 5 (inclusive).The adjustment of the fuel surcharge is mainly caused by the sharp fluctuations in international oil prices and then transmitted to the rising price of aviation kerosene.After the adjustment, fuel surcharge will be levied at 50 yuan per flight segment for domestic routes 800 kilometers or less, such as chengdu to Jiuzhai, Xi ‘an, Kunming, Lijiang and other routes.The surcharge will be 100 yuan per leg for domestic flights over 800 kilometers, such as flights from Chengdu to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hangzhou.Before the adjustment, fuel surcharges for domestic flights traveling 800 kilometers or less were 20 yuan and those traveling more than 800 kilometers were 40 yuan.Currently, flights on domestic routes have to pay a standard airport construction fee of 50 yuan per person in addition to fuel surcharges.Starting April 5, passengers will have to pay an extra 100 yuan for flights 800 kilometers or less, and 150 yuan for flights more than 800 kilometers.However, for some special groups of passengers, airlines will waive or halve the fuel surcharge.Infant passengers who enjoy 10% of the normal adult fare of domestic civil aviation shall be exempted from fuel surcharge.According to the provisions to buy domestic civil aviation adult ordinary ticket price 50% of children (including children without adult accompany), disabled revolutionary soldiers, disabled people’s police on duty, according to the actual charge standard by half, namely 800 km (including) the following every flight charge standard for each person 20 yuan, 800 km above each flight charge standard for each person 50 yuan.Airlines informed that international tickets are subject to the actual system calculation results.The revised fuel surcharge starting date is subject to the original date of ticket issuance. Passengers who purchased domestic tickets on or before April 4 and travel after April 5 (inclusive) will not be charged the fuel surcharge.Chengdu Daily · Jinguan news reporter Yang Fu responsible editor He Qitie editor Song Hexiao