Protect home peace and festivals

2022-08-16 0 By

On the morning of January 31, xiushui office held a meeting to ban the sale and burning of fireworks and firecrackers during the Spring Festival.On February 1, the leaders of the office led teams to supervise the work of banning the burning and releasing of fireworks, living environment, epidemic prevention and control, and checked the status of on-duty personnel.On February 2nd, xiushui Street office organized 5 direct units, divided into 3 districts, led by the main leaders to supervise the implementation of the ban on the burning of fireworks and firecrackers in each community, requiring each village and each community to fulfill their duties, increase publicity efforts, strictly investigate illegal sales and discharge behavior, and give full play to the role of grid patrol.At 6 am on February 3rd, xiushui office held an emergency work to ban the burning and firing of fireworks.Zhao Feng, secretary of the CPC Working Committee, urged all officials to strictly fulfill their responsibilities and take strong control measures to ensure zero sales and discharge of fireworks in their jurisdictions.After the meeting, led by the leaders in charge of the establishment of six supervision groups, widely carried out village by village publicity, shop by shop inspection activities, fireworks and firecrackers ban on the implementation of detailed work.On the morning of February 4th, xiushui office held a meeting to promote the comprehensive improvement of urban and rural living environment and the ban on the burning, releasing and selling of fireworks.Zhao Feng, secretary of the Party Working Committee, asked all cadres and workers to do a good job in the work of living environment, governance of the “six chaos”, “six clean”, comprehensively improve the quality of living environment in the office, to clean up, green up, bright up, beautiful up to contribute their own strength.The meeting also made arrangements for the current key work of banning the sale and release of fireworks, epidemic prevention and control, and conscription.