“Reborn eight zero small wealth wife” she reborn eight zero, holding the space rich party, when the head treasure

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Is the Spring Festival holiday still in trouble for the shortage of books?The more I read, the more tired I became.Here are a few classic novels of high quality.Let you quickly into the state of chasing books, get rid of the book shortage situation, so xiaobian painstaking sorting, and everyone’s summary recommendation, let you minute minute fascinated!Lovely little friends must collect oh, nonsense not say much start!# Book shortage will see # Small make up strong recommend: “reborn 80 small wealth wife” she reborn 80, hold a space rich party, be head when become treasure first: “wealth color and steal” author: Gold crystal introduction: strange treasure?I like;Different treasure?I love the most!Antique?Calligraphy and painting?Ha ha, all received my “treasure box” inside!Shameless corrupt officials, unscrupulous profiteers, this invincible beautiful girl on behalf of the people to seize you!What?And take in the handsome ones, too?!I love it, I love it!Mo Xiaomuch has been embarrassed to climb out of the sewer also failed to understand, why longzheng will let her go!If you go this way, there will be no one here!Why had he shown her the right way when he had caught her?Conscience?Haunted?Or possessed by a god?She couldn’t figure it out!But, after all, she was lucky and dodged another bullet, and that’s all that matters!As for the rest, she can take a breather and think about it later!Look up, the day was almost bright, she had to seize the time to go home to rest, this toss, the wound began to faint pain, is really terrible!I was just going to close my eyes and rest for a while, but I was probably so tired that I fell asleep in a daze. When I woke up, I opened my eyes and saw a face deformed by anger but still handsome.You really don’t want to die?What did I tell you last night?”Fengling restrain anger to drink low, in small space immediately filled the storm breath of the building full of impending storm.For fear that she would act rashly, he had come to her yesterday and told her repeatedly not to act rashly, and she had consented, but after he had gone, she had gone to the thieves’ guild.It was early morning, and he was a little drowsy from thinking all night, when he told him that something had happened to the thieves’ guild during the night, and that a man had broken into the treasure house!His heart ah, suddenly cool a big section!”Am I supposed to watch you 24/7?Do you want me to move in here with you?”He was at his wit’s end. He couldn’t think of anything to stop her from doing such a stupid thing except watching her 24/7!Introduction: Rebirth is depressing enough, but why wear it upside down?Wear it inside out, too. Why do you wear it with a beauty or an adult?Xiao Qi is very sad, and even more sad, she seems to have a guardian.Petty flowers were received on behalf of the person, but also by the teacher qualitative puppy love!Wonderful content: say, occupy again?”Xiao Qi can also see that Gu Jia is very talkative today. I’m afraid something has happened.No, but…”Gu Jia poked under the rice again.Speak quickly, or your meal will be burnt.”Small seven all sympathize with the bowl of rice, since small and adult said afraid of folding, small seven is also eat how much dozen how much, determined not to waste.They were seen shopping and drinking soda with Wang xiaoming on vacation.”Gu Jia finally said, seeming relieved.At the beginning, it was said that Duo Duo had puppy love with Xiao He Adult, and then Gu Jia had dinner with them. Later, everyone agreed with xiao Qi and Xiao He adult.After several years of calm, now it is high school. There are few students left in the original class, and many students in the kuai class are from other schools, so the relationship between Xiao Qi, Xiao Qi, adults and Gu Jia has become the focus again.First said they are iron triangle, the result turns a head somebody else outside to see holiday xiaoming and duo duo go shopping together, everybody looked at her with sympathy, more have very much, return ask her to know not, this let her affection with how can, the feeling is to be betrayed.”Have a holiday?Did they say what day it was?”Xiao Qi was shocked. Not that she could not remember, but that there were too many.Xiao Qi’s father also does not know if it is lucky or unlucky, not back to the local, will not be promoted.He was senior colonel when he was given the title, and then he was promoted to senior colonel again, and he was chief of the compound for eight years, so it was time to move.So also to the military region, transferred to the chief of staff, equivalent to a flat transfer, or senior colonel.Like Daddy Wang is already a major general, it’s not even that bad.(Click below to read for free) third book: “Rebirth 80 small wealth wife” by Zhao Zhusheng introduction: “Hum, men are big pig feet.”The sweet soft voice of the little lady.Before rebirth, she was sold by bestie design into the deep mountains and old forest inside, parents died accidentally, younger brother gambling addiction pester.Just before he died, knowing how much this man had done for himself.Wonderful content: “reborn eight zero small wealth wife” she reborn eight zero, hold a space rich party, by the head when treasure “Chen Qing, you are now and who say like, he is my object.Mi Shallow originally was happy to find Gu Shen, did not think of Chen Qing actually ran here, but also want to rob her man.Originally cold face gu Deep see rice shallow came, instant spring, he did not see Chen Qing one eye, bypass her went to rice shallow side, put her hand in the things.I didn’t say a word when I came here. I went to pick you up by bike, tired or not, and my hands hurt or not.”Looking at her delicate hands were carrying things to give a red mark, Gu Shen with some rough fingers touched, eyes with distressed.To the object of the friend vindicate, be seen by the friend again, how should this kind of circumstance do?Chen Qing of facial expression stiff stand opposite, look at gu deep to rice shallow be considerate, unwilling and jealous fire instant gout from the heart surface, drowned out reason.She went to the city this time, Dong Sanniang did not know, because Dong Sanniang went back to her mother’s home, asked someone to help Chen Qing find a mate, she did not expect her daughter to marry a good family.Dong Sanniang wants to let her daughter marry an honest, do not abandon the daughter body is not innocent, the daughter can control the honest man in the palm of the hand inside into.”Shallow, why are you here?If I didn’t come, I wouldn’t know what you were thinking.There was a moment of rage in her chest that made Her want to be like a shrew and tear Chen Qing’s clothes, grabbing her hair and severely repairing her.But Gu Shen was here, and she didn’t want him to see her face like this, so she held back the anger that was bubbling inside her.(Click below to read for free) All of the above novels I really recommend, some netizens contribute recommendations, we pay close attention to me, more beautiful novel wonderful recommendation, I hope you don’t miss it.If you have better recommendations, welcome to contribute comments, I will continue to recommend better books to you.Looking forward to your precious message.Look back in time;She reborn 80 into abandon female, niang not kiss uncle does not love, from now on dress up as a pig to eat a tiger, abuse slag bucket top grade!Through: she through the ancient times, and then open eyes into the princess, life save the dying and heal the wounded universal sentient beings!Ancient saying: he carried the space through the ancient times, the space has another universe, to help him become the Lord of the sacred domain!Paranoid brother is big guy, he cold and proud paranoid belly black, meet the girl will blush heart beat!