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Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Schubert, Schumann, Brahms, Mendelssohn, Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky, Verdi, Sibelius…The names of these musicians, or we have heard, when you want to know their music works, want to enter the broad classical music world, want to have a lifetime of endless spiritual wealth, but do not have a start, so, please start here.Apres UN Reve was a famous 19th century French composer and organist.He has served as church organist, choir director and professor and director of composition at the Paris Conservatory of Music.He is recognized as one of the most outstanding French composers, a master of vocal divertimento, keyboard poet and so on.His delicate and beautiful music, based on traditional harmony, always brings unexpected vitality to people, and a large number of works for opera, drama, orchestral music, chamber music, piano, chorus and so on have been handed down for generations.”After dreams” comes from his vocal and piano compositions, which are based on busina’s translation of the poem.The poem describes the sight of his lover’s gentle face in his sleep. It goes something like this: “You called me to leave the earth and follow you into the light.Unfortunately, the dream was disturbed, leaving a melancholy.Come back, bright night, mysterious night!”Available for tenor and soprano singing.Arranged as solo violin or cello pieces, the melodies are so beautiful and touching that they are widely spread, while the source of the sound music is gradually forgotten.Popper: Hungarian Rhapsody was a 19th century Czech cellist who taught at the Budapest Conservatory and was instrumental in the development of cello art.He composed more than one hundred cello pieces, including concertos, suites and a large number of solo pieces, such as “Hungarian Rhapsody”, “Dance of the Spirit”, “Cello Concerto” 4 pieces, and “Requiem” for three violoncello and orchestra.Popal’s most important contribution was the creation of a number of carefully conceived cello etudes, which are still widely used as required teaching materials in professional music schools around the world.The Hungarian Rhapsody is one of the most widely performed pieces by cellists, with its vast structure and comprehensive use of technique.The music changes from slow to fast, and the “natural jumping bow” at the end of the music is a challenge to the performer.Liszt was an outstanding contemporary pianist and composer of Chopin, Berlioz, Brahms and others.He was a musical prodigy when he was young and had numerous works of various genres.His symphonies, piano works are praised, but also the founder of symphonic poem music genre, especially on the creation of Smetana has a great influence.His piano works are popular with brilliant technique and beautiful melody, and many of his works are still performed today.He composed a large number of popular piano pieces such as Travel Years and Dream of Love. This elegy belongs to this kind of work, and the music is full of lamentation and deep emotions.Bloch was a Swiss-American composer active in the 20th century. His compositions, influenced by Mussorgsky and Debussy, sought to change styles in speed and tonality.He has created some jewish spirit, full of religious works.For example, “3 Jewish Poems” for orchestra, “Solomon” for cello and orchestra, “Hebrew Suite” for Viola and orchestra, and “Meditation for The Hebrew people” for cello and piano.The song “Prayer” has an Oriental tone, affectionate and moving.Granados was a Spanish composer and pianist at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.His piano works are elegant and poetic, and the orchestral music is full of Spanish folk music, among which the opera “Painting of Goya” is the most famous.This song “Orient” is adapted from the second song of his “12 Spanish Dances”. The music is full of feminine gentle colors, enchanting and charming, showing the composer’s longing for and remembrance of Oriental style Arab culture.Elgar: Salut d ‘Amour is one of the greatest English composers, and composed a large number of pieces of music in various genres. His Concerto in E minor for cello is one of the cello pieces widely performed in the world today.The short ode to Love, originally a short piece for solo piano, was composed in 1888, arranged for orchestra in 1889, and adapted for violin and cello.The image of the music vividly depicts a natural and elegant taste.A Faure is a form of song or musical composition with a mournful nature and expressing extreme sadness, of which Elgar’s Faure for Strings and this piece by Faure are the most famous.This piece of music is in slow four-meter rhythm. After the brief and heavy introduction of the piano, the elegiac theme unfolds in a deep way, gradually pushes to the climax of sorrow, and then enters the end where the mood tends to be calm.The whole song is very touching.Saint-saines was one of The greatest French composers of The 19th century, with a large number of masterpieces that survived.He attached great importance to the beauty of musical structure and line.”Swan” is selected from the 13th piece of his famous orchestral piece “Carnival of Animals”, with smooth flowing arpeggios like rippling water waves and beautiful stretches for cello.Such as from the melody of nature, the performance of the white swan head floating elegant posture.The piece is often used as a soundtrack for many ballet pieces of the same name choreographed by dancers.Dinicu-heifetz Hora Staccato was a famous romanian violinist and composer in the 19th century.He has visited Britain, France and the United States successfully.The song “Jumping Hora”, composed with romanian folk music material, is his masterpiece.This piece of music was adapted by the American genius violinist Haffetz, especially his amazing use of the violin “fast even break the bow” difficult skills, clearly shows the lively and jumping nature of the music, so that it is new with time, widely spread, so far it has become one of the violinists show off skills “encore”.It is also adapted for other instruments, such as an accordion solo.Tchaikovsky: A sentimental waltzValse Sentimentale was a great Russian composer of the 19th century. He was based on Russian folk music, and at the same time absorbed the form and spirit of European music, especially German classical and romantic music.He has produced many vibrant and colorful symphonies, ballets, piano concertos, operas, orchestral and chamber music.Few composers have been as popular with audiences as Tchaikovsky, and many of his works remain integral to concert repertoire.In addition to his good use of German classical and romantic music style and fusion of Russian folk music, what is more important is that his music melody is extremely beautiful, the orchestration of unusual rich and unique colors, and full of passionate emotions, with a strong appreciation.The sentimental Waltz, written in 1882, is the sixth of his “six-piece collection”.Popper: Dance of Elves, Op.39 “Popper” is a stunt song Popper wrote for cellists, a fast piece that has the nature of an etchant.Gershwin was an American composer and pianist of the early 20th century.His use of American jazz is quite successful. Because he pays attention to the combination of traditional music and his own creation, his works give people a kind and novel feeling, especially for Americans, they love his music very much.He is known for his piano concerto an American in Paris, orchestral Rhapsody in Blue with instruments by Grophy, and opera Porgy and Bass.