Hot!!!!NBA tough guy was ejected at the buzzer, humiliated by the referee, and lost with an unexpected bonus

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The Heat came from behind to beat the Celtics 106-98 on March 31, Beijing time, in an NBA power talk.The Heat secured the top spot in the Eastern Conference and became the first team from the conference to advance to the playoffs.However, in the final moments of the game, there was also a small incident.Green striker Smart was suddenly ejected after a “peaceful” exchange with the referee.This match, both sides played very wonderful.The Heat pulled away in the third quarter, but the Celtics went on a 16-0 run.But the two sides have remained at loggerheads ever since.In the final quarter, heat shock Stross consecutive defensive success, finally helped the heat win the game.The Celtics lost the game in the final moments.Smart was talking to the referee from beyond the three-point line as Adebayor made the free throw.Smart did not appear to be in an emotional outpouring of emotion.But the referee, after hearing it, made a straight banishment action that sent Smart off the court.Smart didn’t argue either, and it seemed he must have said something extremely harsh.Smart hugged rival teammates before leaving the court.Green fans will be very sorry for this loss.Because they had seen the hope of victory, but in the last minute, the team failed to find the heat.At one point during the match, the green army fans shouted loudly, but at the last moment, they had to leave the field early.But the green side should not be unhappy with a loss, as they would have been more satisfied with the league table.With the loss, the Celtics are two games behind first and one game behind second in the Eastern Conference.This means that they have the initiative to avoid the nets firmly in their hands!After all, having confidence in yourself and playing the Nets in the first round is hard to swallow.