Key parts arrived, krypton April delivery is expected to pick up

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The impact on the production and delivery of new energy vehicle enterprises is further deepened by the current situation of tight parts supply worldwide, rising raw material prices, the withdrawal of subsidies for new energy vehicles and the rebound of COVID-19 in local areas.This makes the entry into 2022, each car company’s delivery volume has suffered a magic start.The situation did not improve until March, when overall delivery figures continued to fall year on year.It is understood that Krypton is expected to continue to maintain a stable delivery volume in April, with the arrival of new core components, is expected to pick up quickly.Although the industry as a whole in March sales fell month-on-month, the car market immersed in a miserable delivery environment.However, compared with other new energy vehicle companies in the form of TEAM combat, gekrypton, supported by a strong system capability, has steadily outperformed the market with “single-handedly” delivery data, although it has only a single model.Global supply chain continues to deepen, krypton is laid on April delivery recovery guarantee, in fact, represented by outbreaks and chip supply chain difficulties are the problems faced by the new energy automotive industry, the uncertainty of the supply chain continues to affect, and extremely krypton, krypton 001 as a high-end intelligent net charge, the chip usage and complexity is higher,Its supply-chain problems are more serious.In addition, with the recent outbreak of the epidemic in many places across China, more than 30 suppliers of Krypton 001 in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Shandong, Tianjin, Guangdong, Jilin, Zhejiang and other places have been affected by the epidemic, and more than half of the suppliers have even experienced suspension of production, causing a certain impact on the production of Krypton 001.At the same time, krypton 001 has a large number of parts from overseas supply chain partners, under the impact of local epidemic prevention policies, delivery and transit will also face uncertainties.Even under such difficult conditions, Gekrypton, as a new high-end smart pure electric brand, still created a delivery performance better than the market in March, demonstrating gekrypton’s great efforts to ensure delivery relying on the strong system capacity of Geely Holding Group.Now, faced with the “delivery dream” in March, most car companies can only be quiet about April delivery expectations.Gekrypton, on the other hand, has made a positive assessment of its delivery results in April.According to krypton official, Krypton has been in close communication with supply chain partners, and strive to stabilize the supply as soon as possible.At present, after several rounds of communication with Weibuck, the exclusive production line for Air suspension parts of Kikrypton 001 has been put into operation, and the overall production and delivery of Kikrypton 001 will continue to improve.Production and delivery is expected to improve in April with the arrival of a new batch of core components at the end of March.New energy vehicle prices generally rise, extremely good “price prevention and control line” on March 31 at 24:00, the oil price announced another increase, so far the oil price has ushered in the year’s “six company long”.Based on the average private car with a 50L fuel tank capacity, drivers will pay about 4.50 yuan more for a full tank of gas after the price adjustment.And in many fuel car owners because of the oil price spike and want to switch to new energy forces, the reality has given new energy prospective owners a sudden blow.Due to the rising cost of raw materials such as lithium batteries, the new energy market has raised the prices of its models.In fact, the current situation is indeed the case. In March alone, nearly 20 new energy vehicle companies announced price increases, involving nearly 40 models.Among them, xiaopeng Automobile’s various models increased in the range of 10,100-20,000 yuan, Zero-run Automobile’s various models increased in the range of 3000-30,000 yuan, Jihe Automobile, Euler automobile and Weima Automobile have all announced price increases, and Tesla has experienced three consecutive increases since march.Nio has yet to decide whether to raise the prices of the five models on sale, but price increases for the 2022 ES8, ES6 and EC6 models, which will be released in late May, are also a certainty.In addition, new energy vehicle charging costs are also rising at the same time, involving xiaopeng, Tesla self-operated charging stations and new way, special call and other enterprises arranged public charging piles.But in the new energy market in the background of comprehensive price boom, has always been committed to the extremely krypton will give top priority to user requirements to ensure user’s car and car experience and announced in April will continue purchases before the rights and interests, a krypton this wave of operating it is under the “one against all”, for love of krypton 001 consumers adjust window and the choice space.What other surprises does Polarkrypton bring?In addition to the continued good prices for consumers, Krypton throughout March has never given up the double improvement of service and quality.At the service level, in order to provide users with a full range of energy solutions, Krypton Energy focuses on three dimensions of “home, city and service” to build a full scenario of energy ecological services based on user experience.As of March 20, Jikr home filling has provided home filling pile installation services for car owners in 281 cities in 31 provinces across the country. Intelligent home filling pile, one-stop installation services, so that users save time and worry, but also very well received by users.Public charging has been launched in 20 cities across China, and third-party charging networks have covered nearly 320,000 charging terminals in 331 cities across The country.In order to meet users’ urgent charging needs, valet charging service has covered 30 major cities in China, and mobile charging car service has been completed in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Chengdu.At present, the recharge network of krypton is still accelerating coverage.On the quality side, Gekrypton announced on March 25 that ZEEKR OS 2.0 was officially released to users.This OTA upgrade is the full OTA upgrade since the delivery of Krypton 001, involving 33 ECU units, five new features, and 59 enhancements in response to user feedback from ZEEKR OS 1.1.1.In the face of the magical opening year of 2022, Gekrypton has changed from delivering against the trend to becoming a new brand with the fastest cumulative delivery exceeding 10,000, and then delivering better than the market. Gekrypton’s unique “Gekrypton model” has become the biggest advantage of differentiated competition, enabling Gekrypton to achieve stable development even when the whole industry is facing difficulties in supply chain.Thanks to the “power of giants” and “pure user thinking”, Krypton has achieved rapid evolution in product evolution, ecosystem construction and other aspects of user car ownership experience.Figures and achievements continuously prove the strength of Krypton leading the new energy industry, and it is also the proof that krypton brand is recognized by consumers.With challenges still to come in April, let’s see what more Krypton has in store for us.