Due to the continuous influence of strong cold air, sanya has seen a significant drop in temperature since the night of 19th

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On February 18th, the reporter learned from the meteorological department that sanya is expected to see a significant drop in temperature from the night of 19th to 23rd due to the continuous supplementary influence of strong cold air. The minimum temperature may drop to 12℃ on land, precipitation:From the night of 19th to 20th, influenced by strong cold air, there was light rain to moderate rain on cloudy days in the city;21-22, overcast, some light rain;On the 23rd, it was overcast with cloudy skies.Temperature: on the night of 19th, the lowest temperature, 16 ~ 18℃ in the northern mountainous area, 19 ~ 21℃ in the coastal area;From 20th to 23rd, the temperature will drop significantly, the highest temperature is 17-22 ℃, the lowest temperature is 12-15 ℃ in the northern mountainous area, 15-19 ℃ in the coastal area, and the lowest temperature will appear in the 22-23rd.In terms of the ocean, the city’s offshore and southern seas, from the night of 19th to 20th, the wind gradually increased to level 7, gusts 8 ~ 9;21-23, wind 5 ~ 6, gusts 7 ~ 8.Sanya meteorological station reminded that the temperature dropped significantly in the next week, the body temperature is low, please outdoor personnel and the old, the weak, children and other weak people pay attention to appropriate clothes, prevent colds and other respiratory diseases, especially the elderly people to strengthen self-protection, beware of the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.In addition, it is suggested that agricultural production departments pay attention to strong cooling prevention.(Reporter Li Shaoyun)