No reversal!With James 26+15+8 and Thompson 33+5, the Lakers can’t blame Westbrook for their reality check

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In an interview before the Lakers’ regular-season game against the Warriors on February 13, Vogel said the Lakers are not afraid of the Warriors, and he said James is the greatest player of all time.The game was a tight one between the two teams.For the Lakers, it’s Westbrook, Bradley, Johnson, James and Davis. For the Warriors, it’s Curry, Thompson, Wiggins, Kuminga and Luni.Start James made a foul, scoring three points in d perkins and Bradley, warriors began, garage built three fouls, and three free throws, library Ming and dunk it takes first, then the re-engineering 2 + 1, the lakers defense is too bad, but James didn’t even get four points the bleeding, but library Ming and also in scoring, lake be civil air defense, the results made less foul, heavy eyebrows brother jumpers,Tucker, James and Monk scored at the end of the quarter. Lee fired from the outside and Poole fouled a 3-pointer for the Warriors, 26-32 in the quarter, giving the lakers a 6-point net loss.Since guard, that attack you, don’t chat and time section & poor’s score, Thompson also into three points, the gap to double digits, and the lakers hurriedly call to suspend, James layup hemostatic pause came back, has scored four points less, tucker, James and reeves even remember three points, plus heavy eyebrows elder brother into 2 + 1, the lakers is severe, a wave flow to narrow the gap, li made three points,The Warriors were able to keep it together, but Bryant added a two-and-one as James scored five straight points and Bradley made a jumper to pull the lakers within five. Kuminga’s dunk stopped the bleeding, but Bradley responded with a 3-pointer to give the warriors a 62-65 halftime lead.The Lakers are desperate to beat the Warriors because they’re a championship favorite, and a win would be a morale booster for the lakers.Third quarter began, and less layup first score, Thompson jumpers respond, three points after the body continues to boom into, wiggins hoop response, both teams played a very intense, the warriors slightly ahead, James and wiggins respectively into three points, heavy eyebrows elder brother made a foul, result in three points, the lakers still lagging behind, but the monk stroke successful, then he also into three points, tucker, continue to three points,The lakers came back with a 3-pointer by Poole, a 2-and-1 by Monk and a 3-and-1 shot by Reeves, putting the lakers behind by one after three quarters.What a game. Can the lakers pull off a comeback?Details tucker second-chance points, the lakers come back again, reeves big hat Thompson, monk made 2 + 1, the lakers have the upper hand gradually, can even take 7 points, Thompson warriors grabbed the gap, have to say too much, Thompson warriors details before eight points, seven points from Thompson, the game continued stalemate, James rod, less driving layup, warrior side is Thompson consecutive three-point shot,Reeves hit both free throws and Thompson hit a 3-pointer. Curry hit a layup, James hit a 3-pointer and fouled the lakers with two free throws to give the Lakers a 115-117 loss and their third straight loss.It’s a shame the lakers lost by only 2 points.Look at the player statistics, James 26 points, 15 rebounds and 8 assists, frankly speaking, the first three quarters of James performance is indisputable, but in the last quarter, James must be responsible for the loss, such as the last three shots, James missed two of the key three free throws, so it can be seen that the Lakers lost James.It is worth noting that James surpassed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in total points scored in the regular season and playoffs for the first time in NBA history.Westbrook was on his way up, finishing with 19 points, seven rebounds, five assists, and only one turnover. He played a reasonable game and could not find any problems, which showed that the lakers should realize that their poor record is not westbrook’s fault, but the team’s.He had 16 points, seven rebounds and four assists, a mediocre stat, and was responsible for the loss. When the big three played at the same time, He often didn’t have the ball, which vogel needed to solve quickly.Tucker had 17 points and seven rebounds, Rivers had 13 points and three rebounds, and Monk had 12 points and three rebounds.For the Warriors, Klay Thompson scored 33 points and five rebounds, including 16 points in the final quarter, and proved he can still scare the league once he finds his touch.Curry had 24 points, five rebounds and eight assists, including one of eight three-point attempts, and would have taken the fall had Thompson not exploded.Wiggins was solid with 19 points and five rebounds, Kuminga was a surprise with 18 points and nine rebounds, Luni had three points and 12 rebounds, and Poole had 11 points and four assists.The warriors ended a two-game losing streak.