Spoiled?A hundred million yuan contract to you, the boss status to you, did not expect or want to go?

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Final exams every year!There are students who improve, and there are students who decline. The most improved in the NBA this year is without a doubt the Grizzlies, but the most regressive?Spoiled?A hundred million yuan contract to you, the boss status to you, did not expect or want to go?The lakers and the Knicks are two teams that are likely to see big changes this summer.Randle, who finished fourth in the Eastern Conference last season and didn’t even qualify for the play-offs this season, could use harden to force a trade, according to the New York times.Randle leaving the Knicks is no surprise. What’s really strange is that randle is forcing the team to trade him, which is totally unexpected.What did Randle think when James Harden forced the rockets to leave, was it because James Harden had the money?Randle is averaging 20 points, 10 rebounds and 5.1 assists per game. That’s not bad, but look at the numbers. Randle is responsible for the knicks’ bad season.That’s a career low for Randle (who played just one game with the lakers in his first season).Randle is second to last in field goal percentage among players averaging more than 17 attempts per game this season, only better than Lillard.2,3.41 that’s randle’s turnovers per game this season, a career high.That’s randle’s midrange shooting this season, at 4.2 midrange attempts per game (33%). That’s a big difference from last season, when Randle attempted 5.8 midrange attempts per game (41.5%).4, -2.3 That’s randle’s third-lowest plus-minus for the season (counting only knicks rotation players).What can a boss say with a plus-minus like that?The knicks have a bad season, the main reason is randle’s poor form, the Knicks didn’t trade you very good, now they have to close the palace team, Randle this brain circuit, can’t think of it.Last summer, the Knicks gave Randle a four-year, $117 million contract, the highest salary on the team. In the Knicks, Randle is the boss and has unlimited shooting rights, while Barrett is the no. 2 pick. How could Randle not be satisfied?With randle’s form this season, no team is going to be a no. 1 player, no. 2 player at most, and no unlimited shooting rights, what is Randle trying to do?In a hurry to win a championship?Sure, it’s a possibility.Even if Randle does not close the door, the Knicks may break up with randle this summer.For the Knicks, it’s hard to part with Randle, but it’s hard not to part with randle.1. Randle is on a premium contract and doesn’t expire until 2026.It is difficult to improve the team greatly.2, the team is not only a randell premium, last summer signed fournier, Burkes, Rose, Noel, this season’s form is worse, all premium contracts.Randle’s departure won’t completely change the knicks.Superstars might not want to come, either, given the knicks’ current state.Bucks, 76ers, Heat, Nets, green, there are so many teams in the East that the Knicks, even if they improve, won’t be able to do much in the east.Toss to toss, but for others to do wedding clothes.But what if the Knicks don’t trade Randle?So this is still a group that can’t mess up for draft picks and have a great record.For now, the Knicks may have to wait for a superstar to come to New York, such as Mitchell, or Lillard, or Zion.What do you think the Knicks should do this summer?Drop me a comment.