Anhui bao Dad and his 2-year-old daughter, Who was dancing wildly, made a scene in the comments section of the Internet

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The playground yibao took his children to was very special, which sparked discussion among other netizens.Many netizens also said that the children are too young to go!Not long ago, a father in Fuyang, Anhui province, was staying at home with his daughter during the holiday.The man watched his wife leave the house and spent the whole day with his daughter. He began to think about how he was going to spend the day.The daughter, who rarely spent time with her father, jumped up and down, trying to get him to take her to play.The man thought for a long time and decided to take his daughter to play before the daughter did not play the playground.The man took his daughter to a disco dance. The daughter was only five or six years old, making her the youngest child at the disco dance venue.The man stood on the stage, dancing to the music, and the man’s daughter was as good as her father.The little girl danced to the music and was happier than her father.The man saw his daughter playing so happily, but also to his heart’s content.Many netizens have also left comments after seeing the scene, saying, “I can only say that the father is not qualified, the child has suffered so much, so small.We have no right to interfere with other people’s way of life.Some netizens also said that there is no fixed pattern for taking care of children, as long as they do not knock.I love disco but I never take my kids. It’s really rare.Xiaobian to see this treasure dad with his daughter to go to the disco is also very surprised, the child is still small development may not be mature, and like the disco venue is generally minors can not enter.It is not known what kind of way the father used to get his daughter, who looks only five or six years old, into the venue.It is not good for children’s education to be exposed to this at an early age.Some netizens also said that minors are not allowed to enter the entertainment venues, the parents should be staff.Xiaobian wants to say that children are suitable for some quiet, happy and meaningful activities.Disco is only suitable for some adults to release their emotions and stress.