During the Spring Festival holiday, Qingdao saw a 49% drop in criminal police cases and a 4.64% drop in traffic accidents

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Qingdao news network on Feb. 7 (reporter Chen) in 2022, the lunar New Year holiday, the city’s public security organs resolutely implement the municipal party committee, municipal government and the provincial public security department deployment requirements, overall command, social scouts, public security, armed police logistic armed patrols “three level” service, all the security forces, auxiliary police loyalty takes office, at work,With all matters of the police, all pay special attention to the security stability measures implemented, the city held steady social public order, public security, criminal industry fell 49% year on year, traffic accidents fell 4.64% year on year, not a major malignant criminal cases and major safety accident, for the majority of the people to celebrate the Spring Festival has created the safe and stable social environment.First, wartime organization and command were efficient and effective.On the afternoon of January 30, Lu Zhiyuan, member of the Standing Committee of CPC Provincial Committee and Secretary of CPC Municipal Committee, visited the auxiliary police.The Municipal Public Security Bureau insists on early planning, early deployment and advance planning.I was mainly responsible for leading comrades sitting on duty and commanding from the front. I dynamically scheduled and checked the implementation of duties by means of front-line supervision and video inspection.Leaders at all levels have been on duty and in charge of duty, strengthened command and dispatch, and strengthened consultation and deliberation.Security headquarters at all levels maintain the highest level of wartime mechanism to ensure that all measures are implemented as soon as possible.Second, social meeting control is solid and rigorous.To deepen the first-level duty of social meeting patrol, strictly implement the joint armed patrol of public security and armed police and the “1, 3 and 5” minute rapid response mechanism, deploy 13,000 police officers every day, deploy 14 special police and armed police vehicles in key locations, and more than 120 special police and armed police on duty, and 137,000 social meeting inspections and records in the city.A total of 2,500 police officers will be deployed to strengthen traffic guidance and public security control in 15 key scenic spots to maximize the rate of police detection, management and deterrence.Third, comprehensive and strict oversight of public security.On the lunar New Year holiday travel peak, strengthen the supervision of road traffic safety, strengthen the in and out of the duke GanDao Road control and accident fast, traffic police on duty officers were 15000 person-time, set up temporary checkpoint 2618 times, check the vehicles 45000 vehicle-timeses, illegal traffic 11000, investigated 212, drunken driving drunk 33,Traffic accidents in the city decreased by 4.64% year on year, and “zero” traffic accidents occurred. Major roads were smooth and orderly, and there was no long-term or long-distance traffic congestion.Implement fire control measures for the city’s 113,000 “nine small places” and residential areas.Continue to grasp the real fireworks banned management, organization forces launched 27000 person-time, materialize power 180000, 870 to 58 in the city streets, communities, more than 4300 grid uninterrupted patrol, promote to carry out the five controls, to investigate and punish the illegal storage, an illegal fireworks case 17 cases, public security penalties of 17 people.Fourth, we will do a solid job in epidemic prevention and control.Three special teams for epidemic prevention and control have been operating around the clock, and more than 300 police officers have been deployed to strengthen security at isolated hotels and centralized nucleic acid testing sites.During the Spring Festival, the city’s public security organs at all levels maintained a state of war readiness, the majority of public security police, auxiliary police hard dedication, serving the masses of good good 1,200, to ensure the overall security and stability of the society.