“Lady Donkey” charging forward on the road to fight the epidemic

2022-08-20 0 By

Petite and weighing less than 100 catties, Zhao Man of shenyang Sixth People’s Hospital laboratory has a shocking nickname “Zhao little donkey”.In early Spring march, a local epidemic broke out in Shenyang, and the situation of epidemic prevention and control was severe and complex.Along with the heavy epidemic treatment tasks, the number of samples to be tested in isolation wards and nucleic acid clinics is also increasing, Zhao and his colleagues often work overtime into the night.The leader applied for assistance to the outer courtyard, and the support staff was exhausted in only one day. Only the petite Zhao Man was still busy, so the colleagues of the outer courtyard gave her a nickname — “Zhao Little donkey”.The negative pressure laboratory where Zhao works is a “reconnaissance camp” in the fight against COVID-19.Since the outbreak of COVID-19 last year, she has abandoned her family reunion and rushed to the battlefield wearing special armor.Even at the end of the day, she doesn’t let up — cleaning and sanitizing the lab’s interior is one of her daily finishing touches.On the night of March 20, Zhao man finished working overtime and took off her protective clothing. Her face was stained with blood and her hair was soaked with sweat. She had just poured a cup of hot water after eight hours without dripping rice.At this moment, the phone rang, an 88-year-old man was seriously ill, transferred from the outside hospital to ICU 6, and the test results were urgently needed.Zhao Man hurriedly put down the cup, put on protective equipment, turned around and walked into the laboratory. He immediately entered the working state and issued the report at the first time.The old man also saved his life due to timely rescue.”Mom, when are you coming home?”In the video, the 3-year-old daughter cries for her mother more than once.”Dear daughter, when the epidemic is over, mother will take you to the playground!”Every time this time, the strong “zhao donkey” just revealed his vulnerability, because too worried about the child, she can only secretly wipe tears in the dressing room.Laboratory doctors are soldiers walking on the knife-edge and scouts on the medical front.Zhao Man said that from the moment he devoted himself to the inspection profession, he had made up his mind to be “fearless of risks and duty-bound”. He would always be ready, always charge forward and practice the beauty of “contrarian”.