Shaowu city power supply company: after the festival focus on safety condensation force open a new bureau

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On February 7, the first day of work after the festival, Shaowu City power supply company held the first monthly safety work, watched the safety culture theme film “ME and my safety”, and held a safety signature activity, and actively guide employees to close the “New Year heart”, do a good “post-festival work”,Centering on the development goals of “1136” determined by the two sessions of the company in 2022 and the management requirements of “12346” for safety work, clear thinking, re-focus on implementation, and start with the determination and energy to ensure that the company’s work off to a good start.On February 7, Shaowu city power supply company held “I and my safety” film activities in the safety work at the reception meeting, the departments reported the focus of the recent safety production work, the department of safety supervision on the provincial and municipal companies to carry out after the festival “reception” safety education and learning activities and safety access work to focus on publicity and implementation.Leaders in charge of the company commented on work safety, quality service and epidemic prevention and control of all departments, and put forward requirements for key work in 2022.The company emphasizes middle-level cadres, should take the lead “accepting heart”, as early as possible into the work state of the shift, the next line accepting heart different forms to carry out the work, the key to watch as the theme, the key work for this year’s security, advancing a “5 + 3” safety control system and how to strengthen the discussion of the shift safety management, good safety management Suggestions and opinions.And the recent focus on request, one is to do a good job in accepting heart holiday and resume work solid accepting heart after safety education activities, strictly implement the holiday return to work and the epidemic prevention and control requirements, and in-depth departments by members of the leadership team for the accepting heart after project safety day activities, to ensure the company staff to quickly adjust working condition.Second, continuously improve the quality of power supply services, analyze and summarize the work of power supply protection during the Spring Festival, and continue to do a good job of power supply protection for the Winter Olympics and the Lantern Festival.Third, deepen party conduct, clean government and enterprise governance in accordance with the law, continue to strengthen the work style construction, do a good job in the second half of the audit article, improve the company’s compliance management level.On February 7, shaowu city power supply company held me and my safety signature activity Spring Festival holiday ended, many employees are still immersed in the festive atmosphere.In view of some employees’ scattered thoughts and energy after the holiday, Shaowu company takes the heart and safety as the top priority to grasp, requires the team staff to walk out of the holiday loose state, overcome the “post-holiday syndrome”, dilute the festive atmosphere, pay close attention to safety production, clarify the work ideas and key points, for 2022 a good start, a good step.At the same time, the company will be layers of accepting heart good meeting, organize all departments and team conduct after accepting heart “, “project safety day activities, in the company’s web site at the same time accepting heart open column, creating the atmosphere of” accepting heart “, unified thought, going all out, to make every employee as soon as possible to restore to good working condition, high efficiency to finish the work tasks,Laying a solid foundation for the successful completion of work safety in 2022.(Zhu Li, Gao Yiming) # State net Fujian #