Spring takes the base | here “rui Pear” trillion bumper harvest

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On New Year’s Eve, the sumptuous dinner of Wei Zhide’s family was served early.Buried in the heat, the family talked about their daily lives, and several plates of hard dishes slowly sank down.Full of wine and food, Old Wei mercilessly sucked a soft pear, the cool fruit sand flow tooth tip, a few silk warm feeling in my heart.”Sweet.”Old Wei felt as if he had fallen into a dream.Once no one appreciated the small black pear, but let the day more and more prosperous.Is New Year’s Eve a thing of the past, when dishes of vegetable dishes are served carelessly?Wei zhide, 58, is from Shichuan town, Gaolan County, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province, which is home to nearly 10,000 ancient pear trees that are over 100 years old.Every year at the autumn Equinox, people pick sour green fruits, which are frozen and saccharified naturally in the shade chamber.When the skin turns black, the ice sweet and nourishing soft pear is made.Most people in Shichuan town make a living by selling pears, but the perennial loss of business has deepened their “Sichuan” character.First of all, “ugly” soft pear only rely on regular consumption, the market is limited;Secondly, the traditional storage and transportation method of loss, selling pears such as “war”;In order to grab regular customers, as soon as possible clearance, fruit farmers compete price, it is common to lose.Seeing more and more villagers switch to growing apples and peaches, Old Wei was perplexed.”Our town for generations of pear planting, a piece of ancient pear trees will blossom and bear fruit every year, really want to make a living to cut off this section of ‘pear edge’?”He said.”Soft pear is not only a specialty, but also a vivid cultural heritage and local bond.”Chen Fubin, director of the agricultural and rural comprehensive Service center in Shichuan Town, said 76 new agricultural cooperatives have been set up since 2011 in order to solve the plight of fruit farmers and carry forward the “pear culture.”After 10 years of cultivation, soft pear set foot on the “production and marketing through-train” agricultural fast track.In this way, Old Wei and the town of more than half of the fruit farmers became members, they under the guidance of technical personnel fine cultivation pear garden, processing, storage, sales are all handed over to the community.The work is less, the annual income of selling pears has fully increased 20,000 yuan, the members of the cooperatives from the rich account: first of all, after professional screening, processing and storage of soft pear delicious and fresh, is the agricultural fair, fair “regular”, high sales.By the end of 2021, the town’s soft pear has changed from the previous lackluster scene, with an annual sales volume of 5,000 tons and an annual income of 200 million yuan.Secondly, with the vacuum bag, heat insulation box and other modern packaging technology, pears smoothly “out”, sold throughout the country, Beijing, Shanghai and other big cities on the table also has its black figure.In addition, pear juice, three battery and other new research and development of the “sister” products also make the sales of soft pear more alive, a year down can have more than 1 million yuan of dividend.With the increase in size and number, cooperatives have also solved the problem of employment in slack farming.In the peak period of each year, the daily flow of social workers is up to 310 people, and the daily salary starts from 100 yuan.Shichuan changpo village villager Wei Zhouxia said that in the past, when the farmers often go out to work, the Spring Festival rarely home.Now the door can earn extra money, half a year down more than 10,000 easy to hand, the New Year rich and reunion.People in Shichuan town have become rich, and two-story buildings designed and built by themselves have sprung up.On The eve of New Year’s Eve, bundles of warm reunion light transmitted from the Windows of different sizes, gathered together into the most beautiful colors in the col.In the Windows, modern furniture glowed and people gathered to talk about pears and the future.”These years, the high-quality development of soft pear has become a ‘bumper year’ of the villagers.We will continue to develop related specialty products and tourism projects, and keep a close eye on pear township culture to promote rural revitalization.”Chen fubin said.New Year’s fireworks bloom horizon, reflecting bright old Wei’s newly bought car, reflecting red his face, the original dream really shine into reality.He lifted his glass and drank it, pear flowers all over the sky, pear fragrance;A harmonious neighborhood, full of children…He had a hunch that these expectations would soon be fulfilled.Reporters Wang Zixuan, Fan Peishen, Ma Sha