Evaluation of Wejialingu V60: equipped with AI voice system, optional 60V50-100ah, battery life 130km

2022-08-22 0 By

Before you read this article, please click on the “attention”, so that you can receive our free updates, thank you for support with the improvement of consumption level, people’s life has changed, the young is one of the largest consumer of intelligent era and experience, the elderly are also realized intelligent life bring convenience,The use of smart phones is the best embodiment.Nowadays, smart phones have become an indispensable part of the life of the elderly. Besides mobile phones, the transportation tools of the elderly are increasingly intelligent and high-end, instead of a cold car, which is endowed with emotion.Today, pepper to everyone to recommend an intelligent low – speed electric car — small good lead way V60.The V60 vehicle has a variety of beautiful color collocation, and use the popular color card, a change in the elderly mobility car black and white gray dull tone.The biggest highlight of the V60 is the intelligent AI voice interconnection system, which allows owners to control the car with their voice.For example, gently call “xiaowei, xiaowei, turn on the headlight” vehicle will automatically turn on the headlight system;The voice “turn on your turn signal” will automatically turn on your turn signal.Through the intelligent AI voice interconnection 3.0 system, so that owners enjoy more intelligent driving experience, elderly owners do not have to complicated keys or control and can not get started, as long as you say a word to control the vehicle, Weijia V60 walks in the forefront of the industry.The V60 is a large space design with five doors and four seats, independent suspension and four-wheel disc brake system, so that the vehicle has high stability and safety performance.In terms of power, the maximum vehicle speed is 42km/h, and 60V1500W ac motor or 60V3000W AC motor can be selected to provide abundant power output and meet the comfortable driving under multi-road conditions.In terms of battery life, the V60 can be equipped with 60V50AH to 100AH battery pack, with a maximum range of more than 130km.Of course, the selection of large battery models in longer range at the same time the price is relatively high, if the owner does not have a special long range requirements, choose the low version of the vehicle can also meet the needs of daily use, and more cost-effective.In humanized details, the vehicle in intelligent audio and video system, equipped with reversing image, built-in antenna, radio, USB interface, intelligent anti-theft, dual-channel loudspeaker system and other entertainment facilities, the owner can also enjoy a variety of intelligent experience while driving;And the vehicle also has a skylight, sun visor, warm air, central door lock, electric glass, leather seats, luggage racks and other practical configuration.V60 configuration parameters Vehicle dimensions (mm) : 3000/150/1610 Motor Power (W) : 60V1500W/60V3000W AC motor wheelbase/wheelbase (mm) : 1250/1910 Battery pack (V/ AH) :60v50Ah ~ 100Ah(optional) Maximum speed (km/h) : 42km/h Braking system: four-wheel disc brake (brake power) Driver’s license: C1 or C2 Pepper Summary This intelligent and practical in one of the low-speed electric car, very suitable for the elderly travel.However, it should be noted that currently low-speed electric vehicles are classified as motor vehicles, so the owners need to carry the corresponding driving license C1 or C2 on the road. If they drive without a license, they will face severe punishment. Please be aware of this.Because the car is a new car on the market, the price has not been announced, pepper thinks that the low version is expected to start with ten thousand yuan, do you think such an elderly scooter to sell how much money is appropriate?Welcome to leave a message.