Liu Xuezhou died in Sanya, fishermen found it too late, the picture before the death is too sad

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At the seaside of Sanya, Liu Xuezhou chose to die in this warm spring sanya. As a 15-year-old child, after finding his biological parents, he did not get the favor of his parents, but was disliked by his biological parents.Plus some people’s Internet violence, the child can not hold on, chose to leave the world!Liu Xuezhou died of his own life in Sanya, when the fishermen found out, in fact, it was too late, the picture before death is too sad.Before Liu Xuezhou passed away, he was surrounded by drugs and alcohol, so that if he ate with them, there was no way out for him.When the fishermen found Liu Xuezhou, Liu Xuezhou was actually unconscious!When Liu Xuezhou was alive, he was also photographed eating in a roadside stall alone, which seemed quite lonely.It is reported that when Liu Xuezhou uncle learned that the child has suicidal thoughts, is also to call Liu Xuezhou many times, but has not been through, the final waiting is Liu Xuezhou suicide death sad news!His aunt was also super nice to Liu xuezhou.When Liu Xuezhou body cremation, this biological parents did not arrive at the scene, Liu Xuezhou aunt is to deal with the children.But how could a mother say that her own child was a disturbance to her peaceful life?He was still a simple child who had never been loved by his parents. Why could some people not understand his difficulties and give him encouragement and warmth? Now he was forced to die, which was really sad.Poor child, it is heartbreaking, there is no light in your eyes, you have suffered too much pain, I really love you, see tears, good boy, be good over there!Good boy, I love you dearly!Meng Po if you see him, please add more sugar to his soup!15 years of his life was too hard.It has always been believed that nothing can save a man from dying.There’s no attachment left in his world so he doesn’t want to wake up.May your next life shine your eyes to find a love you love you pet you warm family for a lifetime.Good journey, child!Let a person love dearly, pity the child, I really hope that people have an afterlife, you will be reborn, the afterlife has a happy warm home, there is love your parents……Other children parents are very happy, liu Xuezhou parents also shield him, so the child hard, how good a child can be a soldier at the age of 18, can also make money, because the parents were born to sell him.Good journey, child!Hateful cyber violence!If only the Internet could be cleaned up, those who bash others, please be yourself before you bash others!