Shantwei Luhe carried out anti-drug publicity activities into the campus

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To further build strong anti-drug campus atmosphere, strengthen the anti-drug publicity and education, on the morning of February 24, shanwei cities Lu He county unodc on joint town unodc, protect (auxiliary) police station people, party members on volunteers, anti-drug volunteers, full-time guard on the grid, in schools to carry out the “anti-drug oath remember heart, non-toxic” the most beautiful youth anti-drug publicity into the campus activities,Luhe County drug control office, party and government leaders of Shanghu Town, police auxiliary staff of the police station, the principal of Shanghu Middle School attended the oath promotion activity.At the scene of the activity, the vice principal of Upper nursing Middle School introduced the basic knowledge and harm of drugs for all teachers and students of the school, told the importance of drug prevention, called on the students to know more about drugs, “cherish life, refuse drugs”.Then all the teachers and students made a solemn oath: “cherish life, stay away from drugs”, start from me, actively propagandistic drugs, consciously resist drugs, do a legal citizen.Under the guidance and explanation of the anti-drug staff, the students watched the simulated drug model and anti-drug propaganda board, introducing the characteristics and harm of drugs on the spot.The anti-drug staff distributed anti-drug pamphlets to students to deepen their understanding of drug prevention and help students establish a positive outlook on the world, life and values.Through participating in this activity, the students further consolidated the knowledge of drug control, and improved the awareness and ability of anti-drug and anti-drug.The students said that they should be determined not to be curious, not to follow the fashion, not to believe in lies, not to be tempted, not to enter places easily contaminated with drugs, not to associate with drug users, and consciously stay away from drugs.Luhe county drug control office related person in charge said that this activity helps to improve the students and teachers of the school drug awareness, anti-virus, anti-drug ability and awareness, to ensure that “students do not involve in drugs, campus drug-free”, to create a good campus anti-drug atmosphere, to achieve “education of a child, influence a family, drive the whole society” good atmosphere.More than 450 students and teachers participated in the anti-drug publicity activity.Article/Guangzhou Daily · New Huacheng reporter: Chen Jiayuan Correspondent: Peng Weiquan Guangzhou Daily · New Huacheng editor: CAI Dongqing statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: