Manchester City close to signing 27-goal star in 31 games, direct payment of penalty buyers!

2022-08-23 0 By

Since aguero to leave Manchester united has been the lack of a solid forward, and now the melon handsome finally out, he sees in the current played for river plate’s Argentina striker alvarez, and now Manchester city is very close to signing alvarez, several media reports, and Manchester city have the players to reach an agreement, the two sides will sign up for five years.City will pay the player’s penalty fee, which is only 21 million euros, a drop in the bucket.According to several reports, City have agreed a deal for Alvarez, who will be signed directly by City for 21 million euros, and will return to river on loan for half a season.Manchester City will sign players for four and a half years.At the same time, the player will get the salary from City now, and city will help River plate subsidize the player’s salary for six months, which is about 1.5 million euros. I have to say that City’s approach also makes River Plate very happy, of course, City may hope to continue to recruit from River Plate in the future.Why do City value Alvarez so much?The 21-year-old Argentine striker has scored 20 goals and provided seven assists in 31 appearances for River Plate this season. Alvarez can play as a centre-forward or as a winger. He is slow, but has excellent dribbling ability, and his shooting accuracy is the highest in the Argentine league.The player also has a good sense of position, he is similar to Inter’s Luttaro.A number of teams were looking at him, but city finally convinced him that he could improve under jose Mourinho.I have to say that City’s signing of Alvarez is definitely a good purchase, the player has talent, quality, if developed well, he could be along with Aguero, city’s best scorer.Of course, it is too early to say, we will have to see how he performs when he arrives at Manchester City, and he needs to work hard to adapt himself to the pace of the Premier League and the tactics of Jose Mourinho.Just don’t know, what do you think alvarez will do when he comes to the premiership?