Nearly 100 truck drivers were investigated in Liaoning for concealing their itinerary

2022-08-23 0 By

Shenyang, March 30, Xinhua News AgencySince the new round of local epidemic broke out in Liaoning province, the province has cracked down on illegal acts related to the epidemic. Nearly 100 truck drivers have been investigated for concealing their travel tracks and evading quarantine checks.We will strengthen information management and highway services to ensure smooth logistics.The reporter learned from the Liaoning Provincial Public Security Department that after the outbreak of the local epidemic, a small number of truck drivers hid their travel records to avoid quarantine inspection.At present, the province has been found this kind of epidemic related illegal truck drivers nearly 100 people, have been punished.It is understood that most of the illegal acts related to the epidemic are personal. Truck drivers carry two or more mobile phones, hide their own use of “star” travel card mobile phone during inspection, and show the other prepared mobile phone without a star to the staff.There are also individual logistics companies that systematically help lorry drivers evade inspection.Recently, liaoning Chaoyang county police seized 7 large trucks forged travel cards.According to police, a logistics company in Jinzhou gave these drivers a unified phone number, through the bayonot when the driver input the phone number, the logistics company office staff sent verification code, in order to forge a false record of the vehicle has only been to Jinzhou.The police warned that acts of intentionally concealing travel tracks will bring major risks to the spread of the epidemic, and the public security authorities will crack down severely and investigate the perpetrators for their illegal and even criminal responsibilities.In addition, to meet the needs of precise epidemic prevention, many localities in Liaoning have opened software systems and special telephones to accept truck drivers to report their journey and health information in advance, and verify and check them before releasing them.At the same time, Liaoning has done a good job in road services to alleviate the actual difficulties of truck drivers.On March 25, Shenyang opened a service station for truck drivers, demarcating special areas to solve many problems for truck drivers, such as difficulty in parking, toiletry, shopping and detection.(Reporter Wang Bingkun, Li Zheng, Ding Feibai)