Netizens came across Shen Teng Sanya surfing, praised me for being tall and thin, beside a tall woman is very bright

2022-08-23 0 By

Recently, some netizens posted photos of shen Teng they ran into in Sanya, which sparked heated debate.In the photo, Shen teng was wearing a surfsuit, presumably because he had just washed, so he still had wet hair.Shen teng was dressed down to earth, wearing a pair of slippers and carrying a black pocket, which was simple and casual, fitting shen Teng’s screen image.More attention was paid to the tall girl behind Shen teng, who wore a cap and a mask but was also a beauty.When a netizen asked who the woman was, the post user said that the beautiful woman just happened to be in the photo, not along with Shen Teng.The netizen also posted that Shen teng has lost a lot of weight and is not as fat as he was on screen, and shen Teng is also very white.After that, there are also netizens said that they came across Shen Teng in Sanya, I am very easygoing, met fans, agreed, but also said shen Teng began to see fans take him, but also some shy, with his hand to block his face.Many net friends see after expressed good envy can come across Shen Teng;Some netizens ridicule Shen Teng is indeed thinner than before, but compared to the appearance of the school grass is still some gap, more netizens are urging Shen Teng to film, too like his work.Shen Teng and Ma Li are the golden partner of Mahua Funage. They brought their works to the Spring Festival Gala in 2013. Shen Teng shot to fame with the role of Hao Jian, and then appeared on the Spring Festival Gala for three consecutive years.After shen Teng participated in a comedy variety show, and achieved the first good result in the program, and Shen Teng’s name also let more audience realize.After that, Shen teng and Ma Li collaborated on the film Goodbye Mr. Loser. No one expected that the film cost only 10 million yuan, but it earned 1.5 billion yuan at the box office.Since then, all films with Shen Teng’s participation have done well at the box office, and many netizens now call him a walking box office guarantee.I hope Shen Teng can come up with a new work soon.