Today review “pig killing plate”

2022-08-23 0 By

“Another year to valentine’s Day, dog abuse season and food” “kill pig plate” fraud often dressed in the coat of “love” will target people as “young pigs” use older single youth eager to love psychological investment in the name of the implementation of fraud once the feelings of training in place to “pig” pain under the killer with money disappeared…Different from other scams of “short and quick”, its biggest characteristic is to put a long “pig”, the longer you raise the pig, the harder you kill the bigger the loss. So, how should you tell whether you have met a “true love” or a “butcher”?Today, a review of the “kill pig dish” classic words to watch quickly!”Kill pig dish” namely in the name of friends to induce gambling, investment fraud is different from other fraud “short flat fast” its biggest characteristic is put long line “raise pig” raise for a long time, kill more malicious loss is greater!So how do you tell if you’ve met the “true love” or the “butcher”?Today, the police uncle to everyone exposure “kill pig dish” classic words art to watch!First encounter lead you into the urn beat around the corner to change the topic of chicken soup to destroy evidence warm words warm heart at that time only way is common east window is exposed urgent screen huge crowd disappear two boundless and boundless behind each scam there is a in the emotional trap was fooled really must recognize the routine, protect yourself