Congratulations to the Chinese team!Congratulations su Bingtian!

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According to the iaAF website, Su Bingtian, Xie Zhenye, Wu Zhiqiang and Tang Xingqiang all have Bronze MEDALS on their profiles in the IAAF athletes’ profiles.Congratulations to the Chinese relay team!On August 6, 2021, the Chinese team player wu jack neo, Su Bing tian, Xie Zhenye and strong Shang Xing (from left to right) after the game in the last 4 x 100 meters relay of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, the Chinese team Su Bing tian, Xie Zhenye, wu jack neo, strong Shang Xing with 37 seconds 79 to get the 4 by 100 meters relay of a fourth, now they will be available to get a piece of bronze,Create the best result in history!According to earlier reports, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) announced on February 18 that Uja, a British track and field athlete, has been found guilty of violating anti-doping rules and will forfeit his medal, points, awards and certificates in the men’s 4x100m relay final at the Tokyo Olympic Games on August 6, 2021.The British men’s sprint relay team will also be stripped of their MEDALS, points, prizes and certificates in the men’s 4x100m relay final, according to the rules.The Chinese men’s relay team, which originally placed fourth, is expected to take bronze.In August 2021, the International Doping Testing Agency said uja had tested positive for a urine sample collected after he competed in the men’s 4x100m relay final at the Tokyo Olympics on August 6.In September, Uja’s b-bottle urine test also tested positive.Congratulations to the Chinese relay team!Source: Guangzhou Daily