February 18 financial news selection and pre-market conjecture: lower open higher

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Hello, everyone, today is February 18, on Friday, three index yesterday although intraday, but eventually all closed up again, the K line three Yang, the two cities total turnover reached 900 billion, the previous day’s capacity of about 100 billion, investor sentiment has been restored, the Shanghai composite index two days on 5 daily average line, MACD indicators appear at the bottom of the golden cross signals,The overall trend is good, however, due to the general decline of the external market last night, today is facing some pressure, may open low, then open low and go high, 4 consecutive positive outlook, 66% of people are bullish today, are you bullish or bearish?Welcome to leave a comment in the thread!Trading day I will be on the market trend to analyze interpretation, and make a prediction, around 2 o ‘clock in the afternoon will announce their own operation strategy, but also hope friends to pay attention to, common discussion, you can leave a message to me, I will reply to you in the first time, very grateful.The three major U.S. stock indexes closed down last night, the three major U.S. stock indexes opened sharply lower last night, and then opened low to go lower, and finally fell sharply. Technically, the three major U.S. stock indexes fell below the Bull bear line, and chose the direction downward. The three major indexes rose or fell specifically: Dow Jones -1.78%, NASDAQ -2.88%, s&p 500-2.12%, the news was bearish.(Related funds: Hua ‘an NASDAQ 100 Index (QDII), Guangfa NASDAQ 100 Index A(QDII)) A50 term refers to crude oil gold OFFSHORE RMB A50 last night -0.35%.London gold +1.54% at $1,998, crude oil is down, WTI -2.12% at $89.88, Brent -2.01% at $92.9, CNH -0.02%, USD/CNH 6.3349. The news is bearish for crude oil, bearish for the market and positive for gold.(Related Funds:Bosh Gold ETF connection C, Yifangda gold ETF connection C, Huabao Oil and Gas A (QDII-LOF)) the seventh batch of national centralized drug procurement started, involving 208 regulated drugs, according to the “Notice on carrying out the seventh batch of state-organized centralized drug procurement related drug information filling” released by Shanghai Sunshine Pharmaceutical Procurement website.Starting from February 18, 2022, the Joint Procurement Office will carry out the seventh batch of drug information filling related to centralized procurement of state-organized drugs, involving a total of 208 regulated drugs.We know that the impact of collective procurement on the pharmaceutical sector is still relatively large, before the medical and medical sector continued to adjust may be because of this reason, now the medical and pharmaceutical industry has just improved the seventh batch of again, can withstand it?Personally, I think the decline in the past few months is too big, even if there is an impact will not be too big, there is no need to worry too much.In 2021, the company achieved operating revenue of about 4.969 billion yuan, with A year-on-year growth of 83.8%;Return to mother net profit of about 1.246 billion yuan, year-on-year growth of 114.35%, then some people may not care too much about Shede wine industry, last year shede wine industry was ST shares, but its share price for a period of time is a continuous trading limit, become the first ST broken 100 yuan of individual stocks, and successfully lifted the cap, as expected the whole year of 2021 profit increase,This profit increase in the liquor plate is not much, so the results released after the wine industry may be good performance.(Related fund: Yi Fangda Blue Chip selected mixed Yi Fangda consumer industry stocks China Merchants Liquor Index C) On February 17, northbound capital flow Yesterday, the net purchase amount of Shanghai stock connect was + 1.637 billion, the net purchase amount of Shenzhen stock Connect was + 83 million, a total net inflow of 1.72 billion, the outflow of three consecutive trading days and then returned again.Yesterday, the top inflow of BYD + 395 million, Ganfeng Lithium + 345 million, Oriental Wealth + 339 million, Zijin Mining + 278 million, Industrial Bank + 213 million, Wuliangye + 201 million, Wuxi Wuxi + 173 million, outflow of yiwei lithium – 568 million,Yongtai Technology – 355 million, Xingfa Group – 169 million, Weil Shares – 151 million, Guizhou Maotai – 87.17 million.(Related funds: Penghua Wine Index C Invesco Great Wall Emerging Growth Mix Huitanfu China Securities New Energy Vehicle Industry Index (LOF)A) The above is purely personal, for reference only.Investment has a risk, enter the market need caution!If you feel good, please pay attention to it, like support, discuss together, if you have any questions, you can also leave a message to me, I will answer in the first time after seeing!Chicken tonight! Have a chicken tonight!