Gongcheng, Guangxi: Volunteers from Gongcheng Yao Autonomous County are actively helping the frontline of epidemic prevention and control

2022-08-25 0 By

During the critical period of epidemic prevention and control, the Communist Youth League Committee of Gongcheng Yao Autonomous County responded quickly and formed a youth volunteer service team for epidemic prevention and control consisting of more than 100 returning college students and league members.With practical action and youth blood guard hometown, small “red” figure together to build “epidemic prevention wall”.”Please wear masks properly and keep a distance of one meter in an orderly queue…””This passenger would like to ask you to wear a mask properly, stand at the mark of the footprint of the temperature detection device, and aim your head accurately inside the identification frame to ensure that the device can detect your temperature…”At the exit of gongcheng High-speed railway, volunteers transformed themselves into heart-warming “guides”, patiently guiding passengers to wear masks properly, queue up at a distance of one meter, and help passengers to use temperature detection equipment correctly.Strictly implement the requirements of wearing masks, measuring body temperature and checking health cards, so as to ensure that no one is missing, no blind spots are left, and those who deal with red and yellow codes are found in time.”Hello, please show me your health code!””Hello, please wear a mask!””No visits during special periods!””Please keep a certain distance and queue up according to one meter line!”These are the hospital epidemic prevention and control of youth volunteers every day countless times to repeat words, their hospital epidemic prevention and control in strict accordance with the requirements of unattended, orderly guide right into the hospital patients and their families to wear masks, scan code and health code, guide online registered medical and flow, especially for the elderly patient guidance, to help solve the difficulties in the process of medical treatment,Those who do not comply with the epidemic prevention and control requirements have the courage to manage and persuade, and properly handle conflicts.For each hospital epidemic prevention work to build a beautiful prevention and control scenery line.From February 10 to February 11, the Youth League Committee of Gongcheng Yao Autonomous County in Guangxi organized the “door-to-door investigation team” to carry out the “knock on door action” in conjunction with community staff, and carried out the grid investigation of returning epidemic prevention and control personnel and the “one-to-one” service management work of household investigation and publicity of five community households in Gongcheng County.Volunteers carried out a “carpet” visit to the residential buildings in the investigation area according to the division of labor, and recorded while checking the row, sorting out the number of residential residents, destination, specific address before returning home, personnel type, vaccination situation, and checking the health code and itinerary code status of each household in detail.The current epidemic, volunteers put on the “red vests” and wear “blue masks”, with their own love warm the whole winter, since January, luohan youth volunteers contributing to the epidemic prevention and control by the practical action “green power”, were trying to identify home crowd more than, in order to ensure the security of the people’s life and health enhancing epidemic prevention and control.In the next step, gongcheng Youth League County Committee will continue to carry out the epidemic prevention and control youth volunteer service activities, scientific prevention, practical action to convey love and contribute to the strength of youth!