He has to go back and forth three or four times a day

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Fire tree silver flower night, bright lights reflect bright.On The eve of New Year’s Eve, jiaozi Financial Street is particularly colorful with neon lights. A “light tunnel” forms a dynamic night scene. The bright lights full of creativity light up the city’s night sky, and the nearby Tianfu Twin Tower light show echoes each other, and warms the citizens’ New Year.In order to create a peaceful and festive atmosphere of the New Year, Chengdu High-tech Zone transformed and updated the landscape lighting on the demonstration section of Jiaozi Financial Street and officially unveiled it on the New Year’s Eve.Behind the magnificent lighting and night scene, the frontline staff of the project, Chen Xiaohong from Leshan, is one of them.In order to ensure the smooth operation of the lighting facilities of Jiaozi Financial Street, he will stick to the scene throughout the Spring Festival, making several trips a day to conduct inspections.”Although I couldn’t go back to my hometown for the Spring Festival, I stayed in Chengdu and did my job well. I was very satisfied and happy to see so many people like the lights we installed and everyone passing by was taking pictures.”Chen xiaohong said with a smile.Bright lights with stick to embellish the bustling city carrying a blue cloth bag, New Year twenty-nine at five o ‘clock in the afternoon, Chen Xiaohong arrived at jiaozi financial street on time.There was still an hour before the lights were officially on. Although there were no problems after several times of debugging after the completion of construction a few days ago, he still dared not be careless and began to check the power supply facilities and wire connections one by one.Reporters see, in Chen Xiaohong’s cloth bag, equipped with wires, pliers and other tools.As a front-line lighting installation and maintenance worker with more than 10 years of experience, this bag is his basic equipment. Except during rest time, he always carries it on his back whenever he goes to the site to ensure that he can repair the problem at the fastest speed and in the shortest time.At six o ‘clock in the evening, the lights of Jiaozi Financial Street light up automatically, combined with the surrounding buildings, appears particularly bright and dazzling.Chen xiaohong walks from the City subway station along Jiaozi Financial Street to Cheng Han South Road, looking carefully from top to bottom under each tree.At the end of the journey, he crossed the road to check from the other side, a journey that took nearly half an hour.”In the whole project, even a small lamp can affect the overall effect, there can be no mistake.”Chen xiaohong said.The reporter learned from the high investment construction, in order to create a New Year atmosphere, the jiaozi Financial Street image improvement project (lights) on both sides of the 278 street trees of jiaozi Financial Street lighting landscape redesign and installation.Chen checks not just once a night, making three or four trips to make sure every light on the 278 trees stays on from 6 p.m. until 1 a.m.”It’s hard for my eyes, but I’m happy to see that such a beautiful light is loved by everyone.”Chen xiaohong felt very satisfied to see the citizens praised and took photos of the scenic spots in the light night.What makes him more happy is that his son, who is a junior in college, came to Chengdu to accompany him for the Spring Festival and “worked overtime” on the New Year’s Eve. “MY son was very excited and proud to see the night scenery that I helped create.”The scene jiaozi avenue scene build festival atmosphere more reporter learned that, jiaozi, financial street demonstration period of lights on the basis of the whole street structure and spatial characteristics in the new design and installation, the ring of jiaozi, east to “military” as the theme, lamplight is covered with the stars light net, bright bright eye, the significance of chengdu citizens even stronger next year;The west of jiaozi Ring takes “jellyfish snowflake” as the theme, with light jellyfish lamp, clever snow lantern and other lighting devices to create a romantic and warm effect.At the same time, wooden fences are also used under the street trees west of Jiaozi Ring, and lighting devices that can change colors are installed. Multi-layer light builds a multi-dimensional dream space, presenting the beauty of dynamic and static integration.”This renovation is based on the customized selection of energy-saving lamps on both sides of Jiaozi Financial Street, which not only saves half of the power, but also does not harm the street trees.”Xiong Zhangjie, head of the project design, told reporters that the whole project is controlled by DMX512 lighting control system, and each lamp can present a different change effect, which reserved space for the future jiaozi Avenue as a whole.On New Year’s Eve, the tianfu Twin Towers presented a beautiful and gorgeous light show with the theme of “Have a Warm Year in Chengdu” in linkage with jiaozi Financial Street lights.Lanterns, firecrackers, tiger paper cutting, door god pictorial…Walking on Jiaozi Avenue, everyone can experience the strong festive atmosphere and feel the thick flavor of the New Year.The New Year’s light show will run from 20:00 to 20:10 and 21:00 to 21:10 every night until February 6. People are advised to wear masks and take preventive measures.In addition, jiaozi Avenue from February 4 to 7, will also usher in the “Tiger Power full open” Spring market, by the creative thinking and physical field of two-way empowerings, to build a diversified flash consumption new scene and new life content experience for Chengdu.At that time, the public will be able to see the variety of music and art performances in Jiaozi Avenue, and experience the one-stop surprise of eating, drinking and playing.Chengdu Daily · Jinguan news reporter Wu Yifei photography Li Dong editor Song Hexiao proofreading Li Min