If you want a woman to fall in love with you, you need to “satisfy” these three things

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In a relationship, the most important thing is empathy, understanding each other’s feelings and being willing to satisfy her.Some men will complain that women are difficult to catch up with, but if you ask him what he does for a woman, he can not say why, may just say a few sweet words, sent her home a few times, think she should be moved, and then quickly fall in love with you.But love is not so easy, especially for a woman, she is slow heat, love will be more cautious, if you do not have the patience to pursue, that she will not be tempted.If you really like a person, you should show full sincerity, rather than chasing after a few days, feel unable to choose to give up.More importantly, you should know how to satisfy her, which is also to tell you, to understand her heart, to understand her support her, so that she will have different feelings for you, the opposite sex, want to let a woman fall in love with you, need to “meet” these three points.01 Give her material security In a relationship, once mentioned material things, men will say that women vanity, money worship, but for women, she is a lack of security, if you can not give her anything, she dare not give you all her heart.Give her material security. It doesn’t mean you have to have a lot of money or a lot of accomplishments. It means you have at least a certain amount of savings or a certain amount of peace of mind that she can be with you.Maybe this is a little realistic, but I have to say that a relationship with material security will go a long way. If you eat too many meals and don’t work hard, you won’t be able to impress your partner.In fact, what she wants is a sense of security and proof that you want to be with her, and if you can’t do that, she can’t fall in love with you.In addition to material security, what a woman needs more is spiritual security. For example, the companionship you give her and the affection you give her are very important.After a woman loves a person deeply, what she needs most is your care and pampering, this spiritual dependence, is the guarantee that she is willing to continue to love.If you can’t even to accompany her, she also won’t be tempted, for women, she is in love be swayed by considerations of gain and loss, especially after like you, she need more can you spare some time to accompany her, and she together chat, talk, and not every time she looking for you, you are so busy, or procrastinated, time grew, she will feel disappointed.If you want a woman to fall in love with you, give her a sense of spiritual security, give her company, give her preference, let her not worry about gains and losses.Similarly, commitment is also what a woman needs most. Most of the men who say, “If your career is not finished, how can you make a home” have not considered a woman’s mood.In fact, she does not want much, just want a commitment, you never abandon the promise, will let her hell-bent love you, willing to be with you all the time.But many men can not do so, he will feel bound, he will feel free, so he is not willing to give a woman a commitment.If you really love her, do not let her worry, do not let her have been waiting for you, give her a never abandon promise, I believe she will fall in love with you, willing to accompany you to go on.04 Conclusion Two people get along, want to let a woman fall in love with you, there are ways to follow, this process, need your patience and sincerity, if you do not really love her, that nature can not do.In a relationship, a woman is slow to warm up, she is very cautious about the feelings, the choice of this person is also very serious, if the other side can not prove love with action, she will not move.But if she is enchanted, it will be the whole life is not separated, as long as you can let her get a sense of security, let her feel that he is valued, she is willing to love all the time.