Linxia Hongyuan Street: Winter vacation hosting class launched the “Together for the future, refueling for the Winter Olympics” theme activity

2022-08-25 0 By

The 24th Winter Olympic Games is coming, in order to let teenagers know more about the knowledge of the Winter Olympic Games, On February 10, linxia City Hongyuan Street Daxiguan community winter vacation hosting class launched the theme of “together for the future, for the Winter Olympics” activities.Activities in the winter Olympics knowledge class, volunteer teachers for the children about the winter Olympics theme, emblem, mascot, participating countries and other related knowledge, volunteers children listen to the teacher’s explanation, look at the winter Olympics highlights, in a short time, in the hands of the marker sketched elegantly vivid the Olympic mascots, the Olympic rings, ice and snow sports,They expressed their love for the Beijing Winter Olympics.Then, the volunteer teacher led the children to eight lanes and thirteen lanes, and started the fun outdoor ice and snow activities. The children played in the snow in hongshui River and felt the fun brought by ice and snow.Through this activity, the children’s love for ice and snow sports was stimulated, and they were encouraged to look forward to the future with a positive and optimistic attitude into the future study and life.Source: Daily Nation