Mobile phone accidentally slipped in cycling city public security timely restore the loss of the masses

2022-08-25 0 By

On March 28, qishan police station of the city public security received a banner printed with “Save my life YYDS” and praised for the city public security.On March 24, ms Wu, a citizen of the district, reported to the police that her mobile phone had slipped accidentally during the cycling process and she sought help from qishan police Station of the Central Public Security Bureau.Because there is important information in the mobile phone, worried about personal privacy information leakage, Ms. Wu is very anxious.According to the route described by Ms. Wu, the police of Qishan police Station of the city public Security immediately took video surveillance along the street, found the old man and contacted him in time, and found the mobile phone for Ms. Wu in time. Ms. Wu praised the efficiency of the police of the city public security.Matters concerning the interests of the masses are not trivial, the city’s public security police zealous service for the people.Police remind you: when driving non-motor vehicles, in compliance with traffic laws and regulations at the same time, please place valuables to avoid property losses.