Six municipal hospitals will hand over their birth certificates from 2003 to 2013 to the municipal archives

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On February 24, the Municipal Archives held a symposium on the reception of archives in Nanjing in 2022, and made arrangements for the annual reception of archives.Reporters learned from the meeting that this year, the municipal Archives will receive from the municipal maternal and Child Health care Hospital, the city’s first hospital, the city’s second hospital, drum Tower Hospital, the city’s Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, the city’s hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and other six municipal hospitals from 2003 to 2013 medical birth certificate files.Medical birth certificate files are the original records in various words, charts and electronic forms which are formed by relevant medical institutions and personnel in the process of handling medical birth certificate after the birth of a baby.Regular transfer of state comprehensive archives at all levels for permanent preservation is an important part of improving the state governance system concerning people’s livelihood.In April 2020, the Municipal Archives and the Municipal Health Commission jointly produced and issued the Implementation Plan for The Management of Medical Birth Certificate Files in Nanjing, implementing the centralized and unified management system for medical Birth Certificate files.The reporter learned that last year, six municipal hospitals handed over the first batch of birth medical certificate files to the municipal archives, archived content for 1996-2002 birth registration.This year, the second batch of birth certificate files will be handed over, including the stubs of birth certificate from 2003 to 2013, the first issuance of birth certificate, and the issuance of birth certificate power of attorney.In 2023, the third batch of medical birth certificate files will be handed over, which will contain materials related to medical birth certificates before 1996.”Birth certificate is everyone’s life is the first card, birth medical certificate file material life also became the first leg, birth medical certificate file into the archives, to complete safe kept born medical information, establish good life the first leg at the same time, meet the people in the registration, confirm the nationality of birth, admission and international student travel needs.”The relevant person in charge of municipal archives said the transfer, not only enriched the people’s livelihood archives collection archives, widening the service field of archives work, also for the birth medical information complete safety, save for a long time, and effective use of a “safety lock”, citizens can refer to himself his own id to the municipal archives whthin the hall or by guardian’s birth medical certificate file.