The Winter Olympics are coming!Provincial medical experts teach you so safe “ice and snow appointment”

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With only one day to go before the opening of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics, a sports craze in the frozen world is heating up as the “Winter Olympics wind” blows to the elderly, middle-aged and young generations.However, as an exciting and challenging sport, ice and snow sports have their dangers.So how can you safely and healthily experience the joy of ice sports?The reporter interviewed Associate professor Li Yongqiang and therapist Wan Li, director of rehabilitation Medicine Center of Jiangsu Provincial People’s Hospital (The First Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University), to let the audience get close to the ice and snow sports, understand the prevention and treatment of sports injury, and safely go to the ice and snow appointment during the “ice and snow fever”.See through “ice”, starting from the understanding of ice and snow sports “than the summer sports, sports injury of ice and snow sports are more likely to happen, so has certain risk, and in the majority with more serious injury and joint injury”, Li Yongqiang associate professor, told reporters that because of ice and snow sports for sports physical quality requirements higher, “in snow and ice project,Our feet usually wear skating shoes, ski boots, the foot is not direct contact with the ground, this requests us the trunk and upper limb has the strong ability of balance and a strong lower limb muscle strength, “Li Yongqiang associate professors, 2 higher because of the unpredictability of ice and snow sports venues,” ice and snow sports outdoor space is usually irregular,There may be unknown snow and ice conditions, large slopes, sharp turns and other unpredictable conditions, without professional guidance, it is easy to focus on ‘speed and passion’ and sports injuries.”Associate Professor Li Yongqiang said.Wanli, the chief therapist, told reporters that in order to prevent injury in ice and snow sports, participants need to be “fully armed” in body, equipment and psychology.”First of all, we should strengthen our own active prevention, such as strengthening our own balance, coordination, strength, flexibility, aerobic capacity and other aspects of training, and make targeted preparations. Second, we should choose appropriate protective equipment, such as wearing helmets, goggles, knee pads, elbow pads, gloves and other protective gear.”In particular, Director Wan reminded participants to make full psychological preparation, “psychological quality is very important for ice and snow events, do not be afraid of difficulties, nor blind ‘fearless’, otherwise it is more likely to occur sports injury.”Director million said.In addition to the above preparations, Associate Professor Li yongqiang also put forward five precautions, including warming up and stretching to improve the flexibility of ligaments, body sensitivity and coordination;Step by step to learn motor skills, master certain basic movements before playing;Exercise under the direction of venue staff;Don’t take risks, don’t do more than they can do;Moderate exercise, “even in the snow and ice can not forget fatigue, forget the upper limit of the body.”Li yongqiang said.Keep in mind that “5 do 4 don’t do”, sports injury after the advice to do so “if unfortunately in the snow and ice sports sports injury, do not panic!””In the event of a sports injury, the PRICE principle should be followed and HARM should not be used,” said Wan Wan, the chief therapist.Director Wan introduced that PRICE principle contains five parts, namely Protection — do not immediately go to diagnosis, if the knee joint pain, before doing any examination, the knee joint should be protected first;Rest — the cessation of any strenuous activity;Ice compress (Ice) — reduce swelling and pain, reduce pain;Compression (Compression) – use elastic bandages for Compression, pay attention to force and time;Elevation — Elevates the area of injury to improve blood flow and reduce swelling.HARM is an absolute contraindication after a sports injury. That is, Heat therapy can aggravate bleeding and tissue fluid leakage.Don’t use Alcohol, which increases circulation and makes swelling worse.Unable to carry weight with injuries to the upper limbs and unable to carry weight with injuries to the knee joints;Not early Massage (Massage) – Within 24-48h, inflammation may increase after Massage.”If the sports injury is very serious and the pain is severe, the patient must seek medical attention in time so as not to delay treatment.”Director million said.”The real purpose of the Winter Olympics is not just to show the athletes’ hard work, but to call on people to exercise, to promote public health and to get people moving in the cold winter months.Therefore, in the absence of the equipment or area for ice and snow sports, we can also doing moderate exercise, such as sports at least half an hour every day, no less than 10000 steps on foot, let the body sweating slightly, the heart rate increased to 120 ~ 130 times/min, the moderate exercise can bring us healthy, let us live better, live longer.”Associate Professor Li Yongqiang said.Correspondent He Yutian Chen Xinyue Yangzi Evening News/Ziniu news reporter Yang Yan proofread Sheng Yuanyuan