The passion of the Winter Olympics!More than 30 scientific and technological achievements from Fujian will serve the Beijing Winter Olympic Games

2022-08-25 0 By

The opening ceremony of the 24th Beijing Winter Olympic Games was held in the National Stadium on The evening of February 4.Science and technology Winter Olympics is one of the key words of the Olympic Games, including fujian elements.Nucleic acid detection buses, rapid temperature measuring robots and other fujian scientific and technological achievements were all over the winter Olympic Games, demonstrating the core strength of Fujian enterprises.The same mobile PCR lab that helped the Winter Olympics can perform 3,500 to 4,500 single nucleic acid tests per day.It is reported that a total of 158 vehicles, including 25 driverless vehicles and 18 mobile NUCLEIC acid detection PCR laboratories, will participate in the services of athlete transportation, media reception and epidemic prevention and control.”Benxiaobao,” a robot developed by Fujian Hanteyun Company, will be responsible for mobile testing and epidemic prevention supervision during the Games.This robot adopts infrared temperature measuring module, and the detection distance can reach 5-6 meters. It can detect 5-6 people at the same time, which can meet the demand of large crowd flow and fast detection speed in stadiums.Nine cold chain logistics uv photocatalytic composite disinfection machines, jointly developed by Fuzhou University and Fuxia Technology, have been installed and tested in three competition areas of the Winter Olympic Games. The equipment will check and sterilize all kinds of materials entering the Olympic Village and capital Stadium.In terms of food security, Panpan Food specially developed a new product of energy granola bar, mainly using oats, nuts, dried fruit, eggs, etc., to make nutrition more balanced and replenish energy more quickly.It is reported that fujian will have more than 30 scientific and technological achievements applied to serve the Beijing Winter Olympics.Source: Fujian, China