The reporter asked Jordan: Of all the players in this century, who do you think would have been successful in the last century

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In the past, a reporter asked Jordan a question everyone wanted to know.’Of all the players of this century, who do you personally think would have been successful in your time?’ the reporter asked.Surely this problem is also what everyone wants to know, because compared with now, the style of basketball in that era is very different, in Jordan’s era is full of physical confrontation, let alone are hand-to-hand combat, with a strong physical confrontation, the league is fast and shooting, there is no much physical confrontation.”There are very few players who were successful in my time, but I think there are only four players who were successful in my time: Kobe, Tim Duncan, Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Garnett.All of these guys are on offense and defense, not one-sided, and all of them have had great careers.Kobe Bryant: 1 MVP +2fmvp+5 NBA championships, 11 NBA first team, 9 NBA first defense, is really a super player on both offense and defense.2 Duncan: 3FMVP + 2MVP, 15 times in his career, is the best defensive player on both offense and defense.3 Kawhi Leonard: 2FMVP + 2DPOy +2 championships, 3 NBA All-defense, 3 NBA All-First team.4 Kevin Garnett: 1 NBA title, 1FMVP, 9 NBA All-Defense selections and 1 DPOY.In Jordan’s era, these guys could have made a difference on both ends of the court.After all, there are several players in this century who can also achieve success in Jordan’s era, that is, Curry who won two MVPS, two scoring titles and three championships, Nowitzki who won one championship, Durant who won one MVP, four scoring titles, two championships and 1FMVP,James, who claims to be the first man in service.These are zhanshi players, with a particularly strong individual level, Curry has unmatched 3-point shooting ability, Durant is also a top scorer, Nowitzki has a specialty, James not to mention.Jordan did not mention to them however, the likelihood Jordan also is to think their weakness of this a few people is also more obvious, put in that time can expand infinitely, do not know everybody is how to look at?